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  1. yea i realized the takin care of them part and no offense to girls it just gets boring getting the same gender each and every time also,me and my gf want to get ours to have a baby together and we cant do that since both of ours are alwayss girls thanks guys!!
  2. Ever since I got my first Tamagotchi back in the 90s,i was always frustrated when i was in the dark (car at night,movies,etc.) You'd think that by now they woulda installed some kinda back light Like they have for watches or just about anything would be nice And it culd be able to be turned on and off,like the sound. itd make things so much easier.
  3. My current Tama is the 3rd generation Why do I: A)Always get a girl? and B)Always end up with the same type of Tama in the Adult stage? its getting reallyyyy boring.
  4. oh thanks ive seen so many charts but not that one thanks again
  5. I have a v4 Tamagotchi and this Tamagotchi is the first gen. Its 7 days old and an adult (of course.) However, I haven't been able to find it on any growth charts Here's a link to what it looks like when I take it to TamaTown My Tama Any help would be great!!