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  1. I found this out! pretty awsome code. Get the Password from your Tamagotchi V4 Paste into your web browser or change it here and paste it after you're done. Change the section 22222221111111 (2222222 being the bottom password on your Tamagotchi and 1111111 is the top password) Replace USER with your username (up to 5 letters) If you want points, change g=0 to anything between 1-99 (this will be multiplied by 100) ex. g=99 If you want items, change d=0000 to the item's hex number (it can be found at, save it and open it with a text editor). If you want more than 1 item you can enter them together. ex. d=108010811082 (each item is 4 digits long and a maximum of 10 items) Hit enter or go on your web browser and if everything's entered correctly, you should get a long result. Ex.decodeResult=OK&characterCode=09&gender=MALE&job=03&cCharacter=NO&cGender=MALE&pCharacterCode=00&pHouse=NO&gCharacterCode=00&gHouse=NO&passport=YES&travel=0&donationRank=1&donationGift=0&version=0&oPasswordUp=614DF99&oPasswordDown=A18C96F&data=1080&passwordUp=34719&passwordDown=75576 decodeResult= OK if everything went fine or ERROR if you made a mistake &characterCode= Your Tamagotchi character number &gender= Boy or Girl &job= What job number your Tamagotchi has &cCharacter= I think if your Tamagotchi has parents? &cGender= Maybe Tamagotchi parent's gender? &pCharacterCode= Parent's character? &pHouse= Parent's house? &gChacaterCode= Grandparents character? &gHouse= Grandparents house? &passport= If you have a passport or not &travel= Can you travel? Changing t=1 makes this say YES &donationRank= Donation rank &donationGift= Donation gifts? &version= ??? &oPasswordUp= Top part of your Logout Password that you enter into your Tamagotchi &oPasswordDown= Bottom part of your Logout Password that you enter into your Tamagotchi &data= Item HEX numbers you entered &passwordUp= Top part of the Item Password &passwordDown= Bottom part of the Item Password Enter the &oPasswordUp and &oPasswordDown as your logout password on your Tamagotchi to get points and enter the &passwordUp and &passwordDown results in your password section to get items. If you entered more than 1 item, they'll be separated by commas. PRETTY AWSOME FOR V4!
  2. They say that The V4.5 Comes with all new character's (52) and with a Microphone to interact with your tama using Voice Commands. It also comes with PC Compatible Software and MousePad. They also either changed or Added EraTamas With Mametchi (Tail) Memetchi (Wings) and Kuchipatchi (Horn) The PC Pack has Games Screensavers etc. The Tamagotchi can also walk on your desktop and browse the Internet etc. And instead of a colorful ball on the top left it is a Star that comes with different colors. Also the V4.5 has new looks and skins compared to the V4. But it still has Infered Tech. and is compatible with V3+.
  3. Well i saw pictures earler today and the V4.5 had a Mametchi right! But... It had a tail!