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  1. I wanna bb g8t lyk elvis w/o da tazls Hyr 8 bodigurds dat luv 2 beat up "tire"holes
  2. It's my favorite food in front of the bananas
  3. I remember your name but dont see you a lot 6/10
  4. NO...everyone at my school acts like little kids I have a dora and diego jacket and a have a purse, backpack, candy canes (christmas), and penicls and stuff withthem on it Have you ever lied to your friend about liking a boy?
  5. not sure.... do you lie about your age or use different picctures and say that its you (specify...and tell which one you do or both)
  6. REQUIRES MAJORITY OF CLASS At a certain time start coffing five minutes later start laughing FML start sneezing and keep doing that until the end of math
  7. i'm sorry to say but if someone slapped me I would hit them back...WHOEVER Yes My mom Is a twin HAve you ever smoked
  8. 1/10 Only like mechanicals and pens I got an ipod g3 for christmas