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  1. I'd marry it then I'd make it do my chores.
  2. I've seen pretty disturbing things.. But to make it more general, I'd say the internet.
  3. Clarinet Piano Guitar Pennywhistle Harmonica Recorder as of 3rd grade D; ..and I also have stories involving me singing in public loudly. I got a free quarter. ^^
  4. gaia, neopets, iTamagotchi, and.. TT of course
  5. Usually I just say some random thing that comes to mind, regardless of if I'm making any sense whatsoever.. But you guys can prolly tell what words I overuse.. xD
  6. When I was little, I watched Kipper so much that I started to talk with an English accent xD ..but currently, I'd say I talk kind of odd. My front teeth are so big that they brush against my bottom lip when I talk. That basically makes me talk like, "Vfello, fy name is Fcottie" for example. Also, I talk quite loudly.. and way too much
  7. I dunno,, I like ninjas but I like vampires too... D; ..but I'd probably somehow make a ninja-vampire hybrid-type-thing xD
  8. German, Welsh, Italian, and Scandinavian, and Scottish
  9. I like NonTT and TamaChat the best. If I'm bored I'll go to Fun Stuff, tho..
  10. "How to be informative and how not to be.. a semi-instructional guide"
  11. I try to be my own person. I personally hate feeling like a clone..