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    My interests are tamas [OF COURSE!], swimming, art, fashion and animals. I live in NZ and i have 2 cats Possum and Sabtih

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  1. IM pretty sure steak doesnt change them back this is the v5 remember memetch7
  2. This is because they6 can't if you get a bad care family on your tama, and you use an item to transform the characters back to normal the parents will always stay the same. Its totally normal as well
  3. Yay my May evolved into a Purimatchi eeeeep! Shes really cute i never get her, coz i suck at getting smart care character. :lol: Job mail should come soon, im not very sure what job i wanna get. Ok so i won't do stats today but i will say she is 43LBS and has 6 training bars. Thats all laterzz Memetchi7
  4. Hey readers, Ok so my little babies evolved into toddlers today here are the characters: Mousetchi- Ray Sakuramotchi- Fiona Tororotchi- Ivy Really cute, they have 0% bonds and are the sociable family. Im not to sure what teens i want but i think i would like some high bonding care characters. :blink: Ok so today i brought a donut from the shop then fed it to them they jumped up in the air CUTE!!! Thats all for today later Memetchi7
  5. Hey people, Its me Memetchi7 im starting a ver5.5 log, coz my ver5 one kinda failed and wasnt getting many veiws, plus my ver5 kept resetting itself!! :( So this my very first entry in my v5.5 log hope you enjoy. Ok so i currently have these 3 characters: Kuchipatchi- Travis Chantotchi- Ocean Mametchi- George Okay so those are my characters they are on 1st gen with 50% bonds. I have just set the time to 12:59PM so that i can get up to 60% bonds. ONE MINUTE LATER: They just got the bonding call and are currently playing with a soccer ball AWWW, Ohhhh i think they can mate today! I will just check hang on.... EEEEEK they can!!! Married my chantotchi to a Tamastatchi and then they evovled into parents and left and now im waiting for the eggs to hatch A COUPLE OF HATCHES LATER.... Mimifurawatchi- Ivy Mimifurawatchi- Ray Futabatchi- Fiona I have 2 girls and a boy sooooooooooo cute!! YAY now their on 2nd gen B) Ok this post is getting too long see ya! Memetchi7
  6. Hey readers, REALLLLLLY sorry about not posting, u would have thought i would have made a effort but yea i keep forgetting. Anyway onto the subject of my ver4.5! Alex my goregy Tenpatchi mated with a UraVioletchi!!! Then they had a baby girl NAGGWW who is now a urayoungmemetchi called May!!! Here are Mays stats: Hungry: FULL Happy: FULL Weight: 31LBS Skill points: 12,8,4 Gen: 15 [EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK] GP: 38980 Training: 4 bars Thats her stats not all that great. Anyway so she got school mail today and her teacher is mr TurtlePedia, i always seem to get him!!! :D Thats all for today BYES!! Memetchi7
  7. yea im currently looking after a v5, and you just have to wait i know its so PAINFUL!! :furawatchi: Memetchi7
  8. Hey readers, My little Alex is a Tenpatchi!!!!!!!! Sorry i havent posted in a while but i have being so busy lately, anyway here are Alex's stats: Happy: FULL Hungry: FULL Weight: 40LBS Training: FULL Skill points: 241,9,20 GP: 37230 Gen: 14 He just got a heart in the mail! AWWW hes very happy :kuribotchi: Ok thats it for today see ya later! Memetchi7
  9. Hey guys, So i didnt get any PMs for name ideas but thats ok. Anyway my Kiki left her baby today!!! I set the time to 11:59pm and then she left! so happy but kind sad too. So my name for Kikis baby is Alex, here are Alexs stats: Hunry: FULL Happy: FULL Weight: 5LBS Skill points: 2,3,1 Gen: 14 Training: NONE GP: 36460 Thats it, im very proud of Alex hes doing very well without his mommy. :kuribotchi: He should evolve soon im hoping for a hitodetchi! wish me luck!! Memetchi7
  10. hey readers, Ok so great news!! My Kiki mated with a urakuchipatchi!! It was ADORABLE! Then out popped a baby boy cuteness. Except theres one slight problem, i have no idea what im going to name the baby!!! Ive had so many boyz that ive totally run out of names B) So im thinking that if anyone of you awesome readers out there has a cool boy name can you please PM me?? That would be awesome!! You have two days to PM me if you want with any names. Anyway, onto the subject of Kiki shes doing really well, i wont do stats today because they haven't improved much. So i took Kiki to her job today before she mated and she did really well. I also brought her a little taco from the shop to reward her for her marriage. OK thats it for today PM me with names soon!! Memetchi7
  11. Hey everyone, My Macy evolved into a Sunnytchi!!! Real cute, he evolved at 7:25 this morning he woke me up then right after that my alarm clock went off!!!!! It was real weird. Anyway Macy has 40% bonding and should mate in about 3 days. Also i played tea time with her today and won 150GP because i suck at that game!!! Cant wait for him to mate!! see ya Memetchi7
  12. Thats awesome!! I love all your tamas, plus youve got some great characters!!