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  1. no its a 1st generation. i just bought it yesterday
  2. darn, oh well... but yes it is good that he didnt die! i would have been so sad! so what teen am i likely to get? (he morphs today around 7 or 8)
  3. well im not sure, sorry but maybe you should hold off just in case...maybe it can live that long, just give the best care you can!
  4. my baby puchitchi morphed yesterday to a hitodetchi. this morning i slept in though and when i woke up my v1 tamas were both not so great teens (see siggy) and my poor V2 had 2 poops no hearts and was sick!!! will i still get a good teen?
  5. yes, so did my friends. are there any other adults tamas you know of that come from hinotamatchis?
  6. sorry i forgot to mention, i have a Version that doesnt help very much, thanks anyways! does anyone know the outcome for a V1?
  7. the way i got a tarakotchi is on accident! but what happened was the night before it grew up it went to sleep with poop. to get tarakotchis dont clean their poop up right away, and let it sleep with a poop next to it the night before grow up day!
  8. i have been trying to give it good care but last night it fell asleep with poop and -2 hearts from each thing i think it grows up tomorrow
  9. how do you get a memetchi on a V1? how do you get a hanatchi?
  10. how do you get hanatchis, androtchis , and memetchis ?
  11. i have been thinking about debugging but what if i dont want it that way anymore? can you Un-debug your tama?
  12. ok thank you both for your help