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  1. Oh well. Hopefully, there's another way to connect the TF to a PC.
  2. I see the TF now has an NFC sensor instead of an IR sensor. Could this mean that we wouldn't even need a special board to hack the TF someday? Just a USB-to-NFC adapter (or even the NFC chip in our phones)?
  3. I see the v-pet here actually has a traditional LCD screen. If it truly had a color LCD, then it might be interesting.
  4. The faceplate thing sounds cool! (I wonder if Bandai will roll out replacement faceplates with different designs later on.)
  5. If Bandai doesn't bring one of the Yume Kira Dreams games over, then you could buy a used Japanese 3DS. There's also the option of using a flashcard like Gateway, but those are expensive, require a long-outdated firmware update, and only allow bypassing region lock when you use ROMs, not the actual game cards. So, that option is there, but it's not really worth looking into. I myself would like to see an original Tamagotchi Friends game. I'm not excited about the prospect of a minigame collection or yet another Corner Shop game coming over.
  6. Inspired by some templates for making cases for Game Boy games from audio cassette cases, I decided to do something like that for Tamagotchis. Just print out a template, cut it out, and place it in the cassette case the same place one of those inserts that comes with audio cassettes go. Of course, if there's no design for the Tamagotchi you want to store this way, you'll want to make a design of your own! Here is the template: In addition, I've made an example design for the original Tamagotchi virtual pet from 1997: You can use cases for old audio cassettes, or you can buy blank cases online at a place like this: And finally, here's a guide for applying the designs (not mine, just re-uploaded to a more permanent host):
  7. I'm surprised Bandai hasn't added a backlight to one of the B/W Tamagotchi models yet. I think the screen's lack of clarity in dark places could probably be solved using an external light, though, like the old Wormlights for Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance.
  8. No you don't (or at least, I didn't need to). Just connect the spare phone to a Wi-Fi network and use your Google account to download the applications.
  9. A common complaint about the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e application is that people would rather their Tamagotchi be a separate item than a part of their phones or tablets. Well, I may have found a solution! 1) Purchase a 4.3" mini Android tablet (Big Lots in the US has a couple models in stores for $29 right now). Alternatively, you can use a spare Android phone, iPod touch, or iPhone. 2) Download the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app on your mini tablet/spare phone 3) For Android mini tablets/phones, download a replacement locker like Holo Locker that will let you set Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. as one of the shortcuts. 4) If you have completed Step 3, go into the replacement locker app and set Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. as a shortcut 5) If you like, you can customize your phone to suit the Tamagotchi style better using cases or other accessories. I hope this of help!
  10. From the article: We wish Bandai added other modern features, like a full-color screen, but at least American aficionados can get units with a color background starting fall 2014. Those in Europe will have to make do with the black-and-white version upon launch in December 2013.
  11. Does anyone know of an online store that sells these? (I'm not talking offerings from individuals like eBay auctions, but formal storefronts.)
  12. Maybe I should wait until someone gets ahold of one and shares their opinion on it.
  13. Should I go purchase the Tamagotchi from this Spanish site now, or wait until it gets released in the US?
  14. I finally got around to doing Nazotchi. Sorry for the incredibly long delay! There are two versions of Nazotchi's animation I have made up. Just pick the one you like the most. (Do you want me to make Nazotchi blink, or just have him stare?) EDIT: I just thought of something: what if we used (public domain) backgrounds and patterns to spice up the backdrops of the different towns and houses? There are some such backgrounds HERE and some such patterns HERE. EDIT #2: I made up some new logos for the game, too! Here are the links to the different variations (so that they don't overcrowd this page): Do you have any feedback or suggestions for my work so far?