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  1. Forgot to say, if you want pictures, growth charts and stuff, check out Tamatalk member Rivenn and click on the Tamadex. It's awesome.
  2. Hi, I'm a bit confused. Is it the young one or the adult? The young one likes a sandwich, hates pizza slices, max weight 20. The adult likes omelettes, hates peanuts, max weight 30.
  3. I agree with you, Tamafan, but hope you won't mind if I mention that the Internet is world wide. We can't all live in America, and people everywhere should have the right to freedom of speech. Unhappily, that isn't always the case. Sorry, way off topic Lol
  4. Haven't got any news -need to get out more- but would like to say that it would be great if more people would put a clue to their location, just so we know who's near. PS I don't make many posts, bit shy.
  5. One of our Tamas passed away and we lost everything - all the items, snacks and points. Just had to start all over again. Sorry!
  6. Getting the Dorotchi was just luck, I think. I had a Furawatchi, matched with a Kutchipatchi and got a baby girl. She grew into Kinakomotchi, then Hinatchi. Gave her perfect care, kept her hearts full up, got 9 training points and presto! DOROTCHI!! The Matchmaker came though, and she matched with Hanatchi and we now have a boy - which whilst I've been typing has evolved into Nikatchi. Good luck - Dorotchi is very adorable.
  7. Thanks for this. She does seem more cheerful than she was. We thought her favourite snack was fishburger and we never seem to get those in the shop. Maybe the UK version doesn't get these? I've got some bbq so I'll wrap it and give her a present.
  8. We have 2 Connexion v2 tamas. Skye's is called Tilly and has just evolved from Ufotchi to a Zuchitchi (she was trying for Furawatchi so it's a bit disappointing). Any tips on how best to treat it? It doesn't seem very cheerful! Mine is called Monro, a sweet little Dorotchi who has just matched with Hanatchi and had a baby boy.
  9. FUNKBISH - about the pizza thing. I saw that list too, and there a 2 different pizzas - a whole one and a slice. As far as I can see, none of the characters seem to like the whole pizza. It looks as if Hinatchi loves the slice but hates the whole one.
  10. I read somewhere on this site that when Gozarutchi uses the cape it disguises him as something else for a while. Sorry I can't remember where, I'm a new user and keep dipping into topics all over the place.
  11. We're new at this, but we had a Ringotchi, he was lovely and grew into an adorable Furawatchi. His name was Devon and he matched with Kuchipatchi to have a bay girl. Her name is Monro, and she is currently a Kinakomotchi. Good luck with yours - can't give you any tips 'cos we don't really know what we're doing!