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  1. genis is now 2 and he is doing fine yay i so hope he eventually become an ojitchi.
  2. ojitchi_fan


    and then he ate a big pile of bananas and called a day...
  3. and so they talked about it and they lacoon'ter said "i dont care if become godawfully ugly its what on the inside that counts." and so they kissed and.......
  4. he was shy so he sat didnt really talk to anyone and then the lia came along and started to to him and they became best freinds and the day the boy was going to ask lia out was the she asked out someone else and they said yes and the boy was crushed and did not know what to do........
  5. my tama was debugged once andn after about a week it really started to screw up so i took a clothe and just wiped off the pencil.
  6. thanks for all the tips i have already grown attached to Genis even though i just started yesterday. i dont want him to die.
  7. i'm going to see how long i keep my tamagotchi who i named Genis it a boy. any suggestions on how to keep it alive longer..