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  1. You're banned for have written in all caps in your sig.
  2. Ur banned becaused u spelled pwnd without an e!
  3. A few weeks ago, I dug out my ancient V4 Tamagotchi and replaced its batteries. OK so at the moment I am taking care of a Mizutamatchi, which I am pretty sure will grow into the Meme family. I was hoping it would become a Memetchi then Makiko, but other than feeding it cherries, donuts, and cupcakes and sending it to school repeatedly, I desperately need to know what games raise what skill points! (Especially Art (Star)Points!) Plz post, I was dreaming for a Makiko since the fourth grade!
  4. 10/10 (pg 530 (like to keep track of my progress ^^))
  5. quickly puts on raincoat in a blink of an eye!!!!!! >8D throws rotten bananas atpb screaming "EAT CARBS!!!!!"
  6. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW wipes off mess! spills pudding allover floor >8D
  7. catches all marshy mallows with a butterfly net. cooks over a campfire and turns into smores. blends smores. TOSSES SMORE JUICE AT PERSON BELOW! 8D
  8. (quickly opens umbrella) HA! 8D sprays person below with a hose attached to a 1000 gallon tank of tarter sauce
  9. ok so i got bored a couple of weeks ago and i thought of what i would rather do. and everyday, i added on more and more. i thought this was a good opportunity to learn my fellow comrades and for my future posse () so... WOULD YOU RATHER? 1. be a happy hobo or a constantly depressed rich dude? 2. be a graceful tarantula or an ugly swan? 3. eat meat as a vegetarian or candy as a dieter? 4. go to a costume party as a cocktail sausage or your first crush? 5. be lady gaga or amy winehouse? 6.live in the future with a bad economy or live in the agricultural revolution without violence? 7.sing or dance? 8. ask your crush to the dance or just watch helplessly? 9.shop at target or walmart? I'll add more as soon as i can.
  10. Kirby. So ill be like "OMG EAT ME UP RIGHT NOW THEN SPIT ME BACK OUT!!!!!!!!!!" XD XD XD XD