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  1. I think you are confused about the different pets. there is only a gold&white cat.. i dont believe there is a orange one. i don't think i fully understand the question
  2. madicham12.. i tried to send sumthin to u but i guess its m,essed u0p bcause i said yes to b friends wit u but u dnt show up on my list thing......i have stuff rady tho
  3. alright no1 just send me ur sn so i can send u stuff kk?
  4. Recently i checked my account and it has only 8 days left in the Grace Period, so i decided that i will host a party for any webkinz owners interested!! Go on webkinz from 7:30-9:00 on April 11th on the Orange zone. if the orange zone is too filled up than go to the light green zone!!!! Add my username, it is smittycat... just send a request and ill invite ya to my house!! Also IM HOLDINGG AN ONLINE WEBKINZ GIVE AWAY!!!!! i have many rare and expenisive, retitred items that i would like to send to someone who will still use them. Again if u add jme as a friend then i will send you an item and invite you to my party if you are on in time!!!!!!! -metcalf Again--- username-smittycat
  5. Ohkay, so i love a lott o song but the radio stations dnt play them a lot. i thought wecould like tell sum so we could get sum songs out there..... i have like one, Superhuman by chris brown ft. keri hilson
  6. i loooooove eminem! im listen to him rite now x33. a bunch of my friends thinks its weird casue "hes bad" or "hes old". i was just wonderin if any1 eles liked him -metcalf
  7. ik a lot of kinda unknown songs. they r very good. idk y ppl dont know them. post sum unknown songs u want ppl to know about. like for example.... go getta by young jeezy indie rock and roll by the killers
  8. like 10000. umm i got a lot of pets at once
  9. Bleeding To Nothing By: Metcalf Once there was a bleeding heart So it was taken away in a cart It had a bad feeling As if its life were peeling Something had torn it apart
  10. OK, so i think we should share good sayings we know of. like the kind of quotes you would find on an icon or avatar. ill start........ whenever i look down at the keyboard i see U and I always next to eachother Take Love and multipuly it by infinity then add the depths of forver then you may only get a glimps of how much i need you love me h8 me kiss me break me
  11. oh my gosh. u cant do that. be respectful! this is spamish and bad ill get a guide.
  12. PC is getting alittle slow, but there ok
  13. metcalf


    They are talking about nanopets. Um, you are kind of in the Nanopets Talk section......
  14. ummmmm..... ok. ill try. hi this is mini ill b ur friend