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  1. I toss and turn... also I count backwards rom a 1,000 if I can't.
  2. Umm? Well I don't really remember this one to well, but I know it's my scariest ^^. It was way way way realistic, - it was about my mom trying to kill me- I was in my room playing with barbie's , and my came in with a chain saw...- that had blood on it. It kinda freaked me out when I saw it, but then I said, " What are you doing with the chainsaw, gardening?". Then my mom said "No, I am here to kill you".. Then I got really freaked out and kinda started to cry mummbling "Is this a joke?" my mom said, "no!" And I gulped- she came closer then I ran as ar as I could- I know how to wake up from a dream anytime I want- but I couldn't in this dream My mom had all these kind o guns in her pocket and holding the bloody chainsaw- I saw my brother dead on the carpet (to tell you the truth I felt real happy about that) I ran, and ran I was deep in a forest.. and my mom was gaining up on me saying "You can run- but you can't,.. it's just a matter of time until your finally dead!" then I was in my room on the bed- I thought I woke up.. so I went downstairs for breakfast... And I was still in the dream- She came runing after me... I gulped RIGHT after my painful death- I woke up! Though I remember- my dream kind of came true... except my mom didn't try and kill me But in the garage I did she a chainsaw with red stuff on it- but it was right next to a red paintcan.. but the paintcan was never opened.... that was the thing THAT REALLY scared me after the dream.
  3. Don't worry, It's not like it e-mail it's blocks really extremly good against spam & virsus... It is recommened,.. also It says it's ok to tell your g-mail address on any kind of site
  4. The most painful/ scary thing that ever happened to me was.. Well I was about 5 or 6 ,and I lived in the country lemme tell you there were tons o hunters there... Umm? I didn't see anyone around there so I got thirsty and wanted to go get a drink in the kitchen... But before I got in the house... there was a real big dear I crossed and, a hunter just bearly shot my leg... That was REAL REAL REAL REAL painful I screamed and screamed and I could bearly speak I was crying so so so so so so badly that my eyes almost seemed dry after 3 or 4 minutes . My mom & dad rushed down and saw my leg.. they were freaked out and crazy about it.. I got to the hospital , and the docter said it wasn't so bad and it wasn't to deep. But I had to get the bullet removed it hurted so badly! I was crying or like 3 days straight. >< I still have a scar in the shape of a circle
  5. O, yes I play maplestory and I am madly inlove with someone I have never met that lives in minnisota. We are married (It may be really confusing and weird when I say that but! Game marrige you get married in the game). This is like my irst love expierence to ~ ~
  6. Do you have g-mail anyone? I really REALLY need some friends there I do have friends but they don't have g-mail... So if you do message me on g-mail on: megananelson@gmail.com, please. OR you could leave a comment with your g-mail address.
  7. Hmm? that club penguin name seems finiliar to me... my username is Top9, my mom just toke away my membership (so you can buy clothes and stuff) I go on America-
  8. wow . Just japanise people have weird tv shows.
  9. Well, acctualy it does in way, now there dating...
  10. Live forever?? Omg! People here are to obbsesed with anime!
  11. omg. please you guys shouldn't be screaming about it, besides naruto is annoying enough...I am very very glad if they end the series. And...calm down it's only a amine
  12. What quest was it? I really need my lvl 23 to lvl up to lvl 25 'cuz there are some things I got from quests I really want to wear like bamboo hat, gold earings, illustrated Pig Book, and all that cool stuff
  13. I can't beilieve I forgot to tell you but I also have lvl 88 one.