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    Kiwitchi_Fan is my bestest friend in the entire world! We've gone through a lot together and we both enjoy Tama Talk. =) I like sports, but I don't show off to anyone or "act tough" lol. =P I have other interests, but I'm too lazy to type them right now.

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  1. Hey!

    I know you're never coming back, but... I still love you ;_;

  2. Nope, that's not a glitch. Check it out here.
  3. Um, I'm not quite sure what you are saying, but when you marry your tama with a sunnytchi, the result is a baby. The baby will evolve into a sunnytchi, but unless it marries another sunnytchi, the baby (or babies) will be of the usual babies.
  4. To get the memetchi family (and memetchi): Have the first or second child a girl. Train the tamas on the second training item (the item in the middle) when it is training time. Before they evolve into adults, make sure the bonding is 80+. You should get a memetchi. Now, to get the pure memetchi family, continue training until 100% bonding and have your memetchi marry a mumutchi.
  5. friends who are boys: yes boyfriend: no and I don't want one right now anyway lol =P
  6. I totall agree with ~tama_princess~. Parents don't want you to be totally obsessed with your tamas to the point where you dont even spend much time talking to your family anymore. They only want what is best and they believe that family is best, and it is. Next time, spend more time talking with your family at the airport and when you have time with them.
  7. At first they were a little confusing for me, but after I practiced a bit, they got easier.
  8. If you've paused, it will take your tama longer to grow. (if you didn't know already, pausing is when you send them on the travel show or on a family trip with a ticket)
  9. If you are a girl, you could also attach it to your ponytail or something lol.
  10. It looks pretty cool, but i dont think i would want to spend 50 dollars on it.
  11. I just restarted my tama, so I have two or three.
  12. whenever I try to connect my two v4s with the "present" option, one of them always says "list full" and it isn't. It does have 19 items, but only one friend, and that is the one I'm trying to connect with.
  13. That sounds really weird. Maybe you just looked at it at a weird angle, or maybe it really is just a few pixels that stood out randomly.
  14. My friends dont really care about what I like, and I don't really care about what they like. I only pay attention to my friend's personalities, and I never assume anything about them just because they like something I don't. I don't like anime and manga, for example, but all except for one of my friends do. But I'm not ashamed to call them my friends and hang out with them (and giggle at them once in a while in a friendly way =P). If anything, it might make your friends closer to you because they will probably still have you as a friend even if they think something you like is weird. =)
  15. I found a whole thing about uratamas here. It may have the info you need about resetting.