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  1. Me and my friends were being stupid because we did the bloody mary thing at 12am to trick our brothers there was 2 girls and 3 boys my friend hid in the bath tub but the boys thought she was down stairs there so stupid and dum!!Anyways i went into the bathroom with my brother and my friends brother went in.But the other older guy friend stayed out side this is were it gets funny we shut the door and turned out the lights and said bloody Mary 3 times then my friend came out of the bath tub and scared the crap out of them they then tryed to open the door they thought it was stuck but the friend out side was holding it and then they turned on the lights and we started laughing uor heads off they good mad at us.
  2. Ok, we'll find a way to get this in to Cee and hopefully she'll reply. If not, we'll poke her with carrots until she does. Jk, she'll reply for sure!
  3. OMG thats so funny!!!!! We went on and the boys had spit balls and rang the bell that means you want to stop the bus. We started yelling nonsense into our walkie talkies so everyone would hear and then when we accidently picked up police transmissions or whoever it was on the channel, for some reson, we started saying stuff back to them. it was pretty fun especially standing when the brake goes and then going flying!!!! XD
  4. Hamie The Hamie House Hamie on his cage Hamie and Chester Hamie in my hand Isn't he just adorable? Hamie is just the sweetest lil hmaster ever. Although he reminds us alot of Lionel on That's so Raven. doesn't he look like him? BTW, what is Wet Tail? a food brand or something? Ok, ciao for now.
  5. thanks for the help your hamsters are cute to mine has dots on it's back it looks like a dalmation kind of.lil*kitty*kat will post some pics later.
  6. Well, me and Dee are going for a nice 3 hour ride in my dad's bus tomorrow (we begged) and we want some fun things to do there. Maybe we should sttart a water fight!!!! WOO HOO! JK, anyways if you have any funny ideas (eg poke ppl with sticks) then you can post here and maybe we'll try some out. We might interview random ppl or play matchmaker with random ppl. That would be funny!!!! XD
  7. So for our magazine, we decided to add something better (and more helpful) an Ask Cee column where you write to kerry*bridget (Cee) about problems and get good advice on friendship, love and whatever else you need. Trust me, Cee is a much better advice giver than some of those magazine advicer people... (well...maybe just the crappy ones...) So write in to Cee like thid: Dear Cee, Blah bla bla please help (Insert name here (or fake name eg. Lonely Girl)) Ok, so write it in here and Cee will either check here or we'll send it to her by email! ok? htanks! ~LKK ~Melly
  8. lil*kitty*kat do not tell me what to do how or when to do dont go talk about what we do you next time ask me if i want you to write about me
  9. we really need gross and embarrasing moments please help us signed lil*kitty*kat & *MellyMilly*
  10. tamatalker 101 it is just my friend lil*kitty*kat who is buging me she always bugs me and it gets anoying after a while thats all signed *MellyMilly*
  11. thanks tamatalker 101 you really helped us
  12. lil*kitty*kat you beter stop buging me or i will tell on you hahahahahaha signed *mellymilly*
  13. that's it we are not here to joke around not get some dum anwers you can help us or just leave us alone
  14. we want story's from here not someone we did not ask. we don't need celebs storys just your storys .