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  1. I want my tama to be a TV presenter at the TV studio. How much intelligence do I need to be a news presenter? How do I get accepted? What is the best way to rise stats? (all stats not just intelligence)
  2. I was choosing my job and I ran out of time (I'm guessing) What do I have to do to choose my job again?
  3. My young Doratchi became a Pukatchi. Is that good?
  4. My tamagotchi evolved to adult a few hours before it was three years/days old. Which was 2 days after it became a teenager. (Usually 3 days after on my other tams) Is this normal?
  5. 1. What is the cutest adult I can get with a Young Doratchi and how can I get it? 2. How do I get a really cute child tama? 3. I got a heart in the mail. What does this mean? 4. What kind of jobs are there for a v4 and how do I get them? Thank you
  6. I have a child at the moment on my v4 (it's the circle with the mohawk) I want to get a really good teen that's cute What is the best way to get they weight down so I can have a cute teenager? (Like which game and what score and stuff like that)
  7. I'm 14 and I have 3 tamas (v2, v3 and v4) My best friend is a few months older and she loves them too! I think Tama's are for anyone with a sensitive side!
  8. I found a $10 tamagotchi v4 in Myer due to an Xmas sale. (60% off) Discuss: Have you ever seen a cheap tama?
  9. Movie Poster Here She looks like Misty out of pokemon I used to watch it when I was a little kid. (around 8 or 10 years) And it looks hella like Misty
  10. Arrr...She be pulling your leg. Unless some hacker has hacked there tamagotchi with a program to be like a virus. Very easy to do really. Every time you connect it sends the virus. Then they connect. The send the virus and so on. Fairly easy if you know your stuff.
  11. 1) Just luck I guess. But what's wrong with girls? 2) Maybe your taking the same amount of care to your tamagotchi. Try doing things differently.
  12. Connect it with another tama. I married a v3 and a v2. But I had to delete them from teh friends list when they got to adults and connect them until they loved each other
  13. Hey Tamatalk! I have a few questions! 1) What is the different between v4 and v4.5? 2) Which is better? 3) is v4 or v4.5 out in australia yet? 4) if not when do they come out? 5) If they are out how much money are they and what shop has them? 6) I heard there is a way of putting your tama to sleep without stoping growth, pausing or changing the time. How do I do this? Thank you ^-^ MaisyGotchi
  14. Whoops >.< Wrong Forum >.< Sorry >.> Please mods...move my thread sorry >.<
  15. I have heard that there is a way to put your tama to sleep without stopping it's growth? Is this only with the v4 tamas? Thanks MaisyGotchi
  16. Yay. I should try this and put a Neon Genesis Evangelion Background on it!
  17. I want to get one of the v4 tamas. Which one is better? Which one has more characters? Which one has more stuff? Which one in your eyes is better? Which one has less glitches? Do you have a v4 of v4.5? MaisyGotchi
  18. Thank you I'm glad I have to so I can connect them cause no one in my area has a tama >.>
  19. I am 14 years old and I have a v2 and v3 and I want a v4.5 and a v4. However, I don't know if I'm too old for Tamas. Thank you. Maisy Gotchi