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  1. Ugghh....Owww!! Must have hurt alot! Hope you get well soon! -Twirly
  2. Congrats everyone.. lol... -Twirly
  3. Some people call it tigertchi! Lol! -Twirly
  4. The tools are 1 use only. That's why I don't like them, oh well they are cute!! -Twirly
  5. Lol, the tip I'm sure would be good, but I'm just not very good at heading! I'm really good at bump and slots. -Twirly
  6. Rare? Not really.. Takotchi is rarer. -Twirly
  7. I saw it on the growth chart. -Twirly
  8. I love Mimitchis! So cute! -Twirly
  9. Its probably a Ufotchi..I don't think I know what a Yu-fotchi is.. -Twirly
  10. Yeah, what everyone posted here is true! Tamagotchis ARE needy! -Twirly
  11. *Gasp* I would love Camoflauge in pink too! It would look like my pants! -Twirly
  12. I have 5 in all. 4 V1s and 1 V2. 1 V1 is broken though, and 2 V1s are out of batteries. -Twirly