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    I love cheerleading-it's my passion.<br><br>Where would we be without friends? Lonely, sad, under a dumster? OK, maybe not that dramatic, but you get it. So I would like to take a moment to thanks my friends for being there whenever I need them. -insert part where you name friends and good times with them- Instead I'll just say "You know who you are!"<br>...<br>...<br>...<br>OK, moment over, go back to your pathetic lives, now! [[hopefully you even have one...hopefully.]]<br><br>Questions? PM me!

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  1. Get my hair done. Eyebrows waxed. New spankies (spandex for cheer). Back to school cloths. Can't think of everything right now xP
  2. Facebook- boring day today..so sore ;.; text are welcome.
  3. I'm wearing blue pj pants with penguins on them and a cotton t-shirt. Yep, I know, I'm soo fashionable right now xP I'll probably where my zebra soffe shorts and white tanktop today.
  4. I'd name my kid: Isabella (Bella) Nicole Jenna Stephanie Amanda Boys: John Jack Luke Anthony I probably have more but just can't think of 'em.
  5. Uhm, got new netbook yesterday. Tumbling class starts Monday! Having oovoo. Thats it!
  6. This is awesome. How do I know? I started to feel bad for Nelson, which means you're expressing the emotions well. Poor Nelson xD He's being so caring and stuffffffff.
  7. I had so much fun! I went to amazing party in the backyard of one of the friends of the familys house. We went there last year to, and it is always a huge party with over a hundred people. There's a dj, awesome lights, loads of dancing, and a pool plus hot tub with waterfalls in the pool and color changing lights. I cross tumbled with some other cheerleaders there as well it was even better than last years party.
  8. What kind of pressure are you put under? Whether it be peer pressure to do drugs, or pressure to be better at something. Right now, my pressure is to be like, really skinny. Being involved with cheerleading, your always being veiwed a certain way. No one thinks its good to be a "fat cheerleader". Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not REALLY ORBIDLY FAT.The only thing that's wrong is my stomach. But, still. Another thing is to get better at cheerleading. Like, to be perfect. Get extremely high jumps, amazing tumbling. So yeah, how about you?
  9. *FRIENDS NAME HERE* two years ago we sat next to eachother on the bleachers, first day of 6th rade gym. I said hey and you were probably thinking to yourself, why is this random spazz talking to me? now your leaving and I couldnt be sadder. :'( I don't know what I'm going to do without you. Having a crush on "mr coffee", annoying Mr chandler daily, and much more. Being bananas, I mean common? Only ou could do that with me. I know we will still talk, but it wont be the same. No more screaming songs, or making our voices echo outside in gym. I hope you know that even if your halfway across the country, you'll always be here with me (cliche, I know.) I love you soo much and I'm gonna miss you like crazyyy♥ love yah and pleasee text me. She's moving across the country tomorrow
  10. I was to xD I was trying to like this "post". Anywho, I love ittttttttttttt. KEEEP GOINGGG.
  11. I really like it. As I'm reading it, I was trying to put like music or like a beat to it and it works excellently. I like the words.
  12. Agreed. Like, in let's just say twilight, there are vamps and werewolves. That's obviously not irl. But it's Stephenies story so she can write what she wants.
  13. I wrote more but I have to wait until over on the pompiter and not my iPod to post it