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  1. Thanks for ALL the Replies Chi just grew into an adult today She is 3 years old and she's not that cute but that's ok I will try again when she as a baby with chad or twins Chad is 3years old to! Chi is just a day older than him. Chad won't grow into an adult yet I just have to probley wait one more day than he will be the same and I can use the LOVE POTION on Chi To make them have twins I hope its a boy and a girl if not I will just get another Tamagotchi and make it a diffrent gender from the twins
  2. Tamagotchi Profiles- V3 Username- Haru Petsname- Chad Age- 2 Birthday- 7/18 Gender- Male Gen.1 I got chad yesterday at Wal-Mart I asked my dad to get another Tamagotchi Cause I didn't know anybody with a Tamagotchi So I thought why wait for someone. I can just go get another one Im glad he said yes. Know im looking for a V2 Im trying to collect ALL! Versions of Tamagotchi. Chi and Chad are best friends they get along so well I can't wait until they become adults and mate right know they have 4 happy faces Well see you guys later I need to go back to Tamatown.
  3. Things didn't go so well so this is my finale time im keeping these one for good! As most of the same features as the last on Username- Kanna Pets Name- Chi Age-0 almost 1 Child- Harutchi Gender- Female Will she was born on her birthday wich is today Im happy cause she will grow up faster and be cuter
  4. Tamagotchi Connection V4 Username: Kanna Pets Name: Chi Age: 0 turning 1 Child: Harutchi Gender: Female Chi was born 7/15 at night. I got my Tamagotchi V4 on the 7/14! I kept on resting it and got sad.. so I just kept her we been togather for 24 hours know I can't wait until she gets older This is what I ment by talking about you Tamagotchi