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    All sorts of things, but mainly nature study, conservation and cultivating an ecologically responsible way of life. I like to repair, reclaim and upcycle electronics and household goods, and prefer to buy things like tamas, cell phones etc second hand

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    It's quicker to list the Bandai tamas I don't have, after 17 years of collecting. Right now that's just P's, Hanerutchi 2, TamaOtch, Hexagontchi and Santaclautchi. I think I have every other one. I have dozens of odd pets too which I like just as much. My ideal acquisition is a Magical Witches
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    Devilgotchi, Uratama + iD-L E
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    All the Devil characters, Togetchi, Kuchipatchi and Debiru Mametchi
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    English ID-L

    Currently modding a V4
  1. I don't think any of my friends know I collect. I live alone and though we meet socially a lot, they have no reason to see my storeroom and as such they don't see the collection. Since the first wave in the 90s I had put them all in a box, and occasionally gotten a few MiP tamas from eBay simply for collecting's sake. Then the iDLe came along. I ran it, because I was old enough to stop caring what people think to a great degree, and it was fun. I am now running a P's. I did struggle with feeling embarrassed at 28 years old but Ra, Ichiro and everyone else is right; it's how you present it. There's nothing to be ashamed of. As a powerlifter and LHW boxer I doubt anybody will pick on me I just think it's one of those 'big guys being secretly softies' things. There's a guy from my gym, got to be 300lbs, walks around a Chihuahua with a diamanté collar on and talks her up constantly, pictures on his phone, the lot. Not much different really - a big dude unafraid to be proud of the pet he loves.
  2. Happy Birthday!

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      Spartan 1-1-7

      Thank you :) sorry for my late reply too

  3. What about UraTama? Colored pixels but not as expensive. The Japanese is simple and the icon layout similar enough that you know most of what you're clicking and if not there's always guides online. For me, UraTama has the most fun characters (the Bikkuri family, for instance), and the simplest games.
  4. My name is Nash and I live in England. I would like to think we could influence Bandai, but I doubt we will; they must need projected sales in the hundreds of thousands to warrant releasing a product. I only we could all buy fifty...
  5. Hiya folks I can see all your points of view: 1. Yes, it's irritating to think that someone employed as a proofreader hasn't done their job right. 2. Yes, it's fun to think that you've spotted something that the aforementioned professionals have missed; it shows you're attentive and intelligent. 3. No, proofreaders and PR people are by no means perfect; just be grateful Bandai haven't stooped to mis-printing passwords or the TamaTown URL yet! 4. No, it will not in any way impede your enjoyment of the Tama. So my advice, which I'm giving because compared to most of you I'm extremely old, is to see the funny side and give yourself a pat on the back (I'm not only old but English, lol) and raise a wonderful companion
  6. Hi everyone - I hope you've all had a lovely holiday. I thought everyone would want to know about this since it's technically the return of - Angelgotchi and Devilgotchi but best of all in COLOR!!! Both are available for download from the Internet to your phone. Here's one for the Angel: And one for the Devil: I live in England so I can't say how easy it would be to get this in other countries, and you would DEFINITELY need parental consent if you're under 18. Sadly I can't vouch for the sites offering it for download - they may want you to subscribe to them etc so be sure to read all the tiny print. HOWEVER there is light at the end of the tunnel Tama fans! It is a full color Angelgotchi and Devilgotchi on your phone after all! I'm running a Mac at the minute so I can't investigate the files to see what restrictions are on them, e.g. if I could send a copy to anyone but I will keep researching. I hope this makes you smile!
  7. The Clover is a fantastic idea; very well thought out. My wish is pretty simple - I love having my Tam doing what I'm doing which is why the items are cool - my V5.5 family is on the computer right now, same as me. So what I'd want is for the job function to last longer so that we'd be working at the same time, or just longer animations for the toys so my Tams could always do what I'm doing. My other wish was a backlight, but TMGC+C seems to have solved that one. Life is good!
  8. I like the colour scheme in your sig - it's warm and opulent. And your name reminds me of a line in a song I really like so I'd say it's very well chosen too.
  9. Depends where it had been for all that time! Milk, because there are fewer components so it's only one kind of gross. Would you rather have everyone you know own a Tamagotchi so you could connect with lots of friends, or keep it to yourself because it's special that way?
  10. Poor Roy Sullivan... wrong place wrong time on 7 occasions! A hummingbird's tongue is so long that when it shuts its beak, it wraps its tongue around its brain.
  11. I put the battery tab back in them (if I don't need the batteries for another Tam of course), then put them back in their original packaging. I always wind up using them again after a little while
  12. I had one Tamagotchi whose sound kept blipping on and off, even when I had turned the sound off! It would make really weak beeping noises randomly, even in the middle of the night. Twas weird. Well I opened it up and there was a MASSIVE piece of dust lying on the sound sensor thing. Shows what I know, buying Tamagotchis from eBay... I think it had burned the sound sensor out as it had gone all black! I removed it, very very gently used the dog blow-dryer to clean it and put it back together. It now works, but no sound. However I'm a firm believer in loving a disabled Tam just as much; same as people, it just might need a little extra help. It's a V2, Union Jack colors, an oldie called Ryoma, currently 48 years old. He always seems to be grinning. Quite fitting really that the old man is deaf!
  13. I think everyone's free to raise their Tama however they want, as long as the Tama is happy and healthy and you are too. I totally agree with pausing at work or school because I would rather give my Tamas perfect care than sporadic care that might result in them getting sick. I'm pretty guilty though; I have handmade ceramic beds for them to sleep in on my nightstand and I always wear pants with pockets down the sides for work so I can slip a couple of my little friends in Even when they're on pause, they're still with me - I just took my Devilgotchi on silent and pause to see Hancock!
  14. I definitely think a new Angelgotchi (and Devilgotchi - I know, we can't ask or expect Bandai to re-release everything, but Devilgotchi aren't exactly cheap enough for everyone to have one - I'm 22 and only just got one!) I live in England and have been collecting Tamagotchi for 11 years; I think Bandai should listen to us because we'd all want the new Angelgotchi and you're supposed to appeal to your intended demographic before thinking about profits and market share darn it!
  15. Hi y'all EJMOM (and the other person who asked this question, sorry can't remember your name) - the tea-pouring game is a lot like Flags on V3. You use only the A and B buttons. At the beginning of each round (although the rounds aren't separated by an announcement, they just flow right on after each other), there will be a tea cup lying on its side on each side of the table = two facedown tea cups. There will be a little beep, and then one of four things will happen. If the left cup stands upright, hit A - if the right one stands up, hit B and if they both stand up hit A and B simultaneously. If neither cup stands up (this takes a lot of getting used to...) don't press anything. What sucks is that even for a perfect score, you only earn 100G.