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    Hallo - I'm Tama-Petal, the Tamagotchi maniac.<br><br>I love to help people and look after my tamagotchis.<br><br>I also like making friends!<br><br>Here are my friends:

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  1. I was wondering aswell. But nah, t's Like v4. Only Uratama has blue pixels
  2. Yeah, Myspace/Bebo, No, i don't have an account.
  3. ^ yeah. > WOTSITS! v eating wotsits also?
  4. They had kids, the kids are now teenagers. I might give up my log, bye.
  5. Yeah! We did the midnight thing aswell. I bought it last night! ^^ Tama-Petal
  6. I think so. Set the time to christam eve (24 december) at 11:59. Then at 12:00, santa should appear. Try it out. Tama-petal
  7. Which version is it? Ths password is for Tamagotchi corner shop (1/2). You enter it in and get a prize. Tama-Petal
  8. I don't think it can change back. Can you change back the name when you have named your tama? Well, luckily. I haven't gotten the name change, never have. Bt, Never say never. Tama-petal
  9. Please don't Advertise. 'N' yeah, this should be in Whats on your mind? Anyway, i can't actually post what character i have, i don't have a V4.5 yet. I'm getting one soon though. Tama-Petal