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  1. well, its not about your age, its about - do you REALLY love tamagotchis? do you REALLY love devoting your time and love to a battery - operated egg with a personality? if that is true, then dont ever stop loving them, give them all your love and time and devote your life to them completely(lol jk there)
  2. hi! ive loved tamas pretty much my whole life, i was introduced 2 them in '97, and i have always loved my tamas....... well, i havent played w/ mine now in like, 3 months. there just so....boring! i dont know how i could have ever said this, but they ARE! i mean, there are so many better things to do now with all this cool technology. like, ds or bebo... lol idk i just never want to play w/ them any more. i dont know wat to do... please comment tg07 xoxo
  3. actually, i think tamatalk and tamazone are like cousin-sites, you might say. they are really similar, but some ppl like what the other site has to offer more than the other. thats why they created more than just tamatalk, or tamarainbow, etc. oh btw, tamazone isnt really a mini website, its pretty much just as big as tama talk. i had an account on there... tehehe but, that is a really good piece of information. most ppl would nt know to go to tamazone since theyve only heard of TT. well, thanx for sharing! *tamagirl2007*
  4. idk. this is really a question that has been asked several times, but we need more results to find the answer. really a complex question, actually. once on my v2, it brought a sluggish character, they mated and, the adult was.... you get the point. then on my v4 and 4.5, they always have babies who grow up to be them. its weird. i get celebtchi-4.5, and pyonkotchi-v4. maybe some1 should start up a poll, find out the results, and see... that would be interesting, wouldnt it?
  5. ok, well, idk.... this is my 4th gen. on my tamas, never got that far v4.... umm, maybe ill try the skill point idea. that mite help. thank you lots! tamagirl2007 ps if you guys have ne more ideas, please post or pm me thnx!
  6. thats really cool information, apple_berry! so in other words, youre saying that in order to get a memetchi, you need to be a teen(of course), have mostly style points, and have average weight and training? that helps! and, this was on v4, im guessing? thank you! tamagirl2007
  7. actually~its not random... if you press b repeatedly, it will, 75 % or so of the time, not fall. i made a topic on this once. same goes for the item called the ball. it wont fall on v4/4.5 if you press b. hope this helps, tama v4.5! tamagirl2007
  8. yeah, pretty much dont let it come in contact with, anything pretty much. dont put it in your pocket when its muggy out, the humidity might melt it... ive never had one, but ive heard alot about them, and i heard that they get really nasty when you get them sticky or heated... so, like i said b4, keep it away from direct light/sunlight. that is the worst.. also, again like i said, keep it away from chemicals, and water and definately nailpolish/remover, and that goes for all tamas, gold or purple, blue, etc. nail polish remover/nail polish + tamagotchis=
  9. ok, i had leah, v4 female, and cody, v4.5 male. leah was a pyonkotchi and had little skill points. cody was a celebtchi and had average skill points. leah majored in style, and cody in style. they mated, and had twin girls, aly and aj(lol) aly turned out as horoyotchi with little skill points, majored in funny. btw, she was on the v4.5. aj turned into a pyonkotchi, with little skill points, and majored in style. then, matchmaker came, blah blah blah, and had a boy on v4.5 and girl on v4. my boy was alex, who grew into a celebtchi, like his grandpa and majored in funny with average skill points. miley, on v4, however, grew into, of course, pyonkotchi with little skill points and majored in style... wat to do? i love pyonkotchi, but i want something different!!! why do i always get the same character? i want a new character... any tips, suggestions, etc.? ive never had trouble with this, i always get a new adult, yet teens/toddlers have less characters and its normal to get them over... please help me! xoxo tamagirl2007
  10. in the baby stage, i dont think it does anything, in the toddler stage, it just dances the happy dance, and in the teen/adult stage it comes close and either hugs or kisses the screen, depending on the character. Im not sure about oldies, however, since I've never had one, but will soon. I just can't resist the matchmaker!!! hahaha hope i helped!
  11. well, for one, dont put nail polish on it!!! and dont get it wet, or get any sticky substances or chemicals on it. hmm, lets see... i wouldnt take it outside on super sunny days, or put it in a bright light, it might melt the gold on it. thats pretty much all i can think of...
  12. by the way, my pyonkotchi had very little skill points, 20 in each approx., so is pyonkotchi a universal??? i dont know much about universal characters, families, etc.
  13. once i had two girls on my v4 and v4.5 so they couldnt marry so i had to wait for the matchmaker to come, so i had a pyonkotchi on my v4 and the matchmaker brought a mimitchi(yay!) and the baby, a girl, was also a pyonkotchi! i dont know wat group those two are, i dont know which tama belongs to wat family, so... is there a reason for it to grow up like its mother? or is it a 'hereditary' thing? sometimes these simple little plastic bundles of joy are so darn confusing!!!
  14. ive never had an oldie.. is it easy to connect and mate when their old? i heard oldies are stubborn... lol and i dont really know why ppl can call them BAD tamas.. . they may be ugly, but dont judge them on wat the poor guys look like... are just as cute as or
  15. horoyotchi likes juice pyonkotchi hates milk tg07 ps to who made this, cant remember now im sorry didnt see that some1 made this already and went ahead and made my own! my apologies!!!