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  1. 1) What’s your favorite tama design ever? I'm a big fan of the original v1 colors, especially green Matrix. They were simple, yet bright and colorful. I also like the v4 sunflowers and clear white w/ blue. Actually, I like all of the transparent shells... xD 2) Which previous design would you like to see done again on a special edition tama? I think that for a special edition Tamagotchi, the design would have to be somehow universal. Think JAL designs... I love those Tamas. THey are just really classy looking. No more of this gender-specific stuff please, Bandai. 3) What’s your favorite tama character? Hmmm... I'd probably have to go with Simasimatchi. Its just adorable! I like the more animal-looking Tamas. 4) What themes/hobbies would you like to see in future tamas? (example - Music Star’s theme of music) I've said this before, and I'll say it again-- An angelgotchi or oceangotchi connection would be awesome. I'd buy all of them, man. It could be "Special Edition" in the way that it revived the original tamagotchis. Or, Bandai, you could even make some old P1/P2 Tamagotchis, only update them. (Ex: GIve them a larger screen, more games, connection feature.) That would be awesome. I don't like the complexity of tamagotchis now-a-days. They're like...people.
  2. I guess for me, it's okay. It seems like they're trying to make it like that little "Webkinz" craze a little while back. I'm not liking the Music Star at all, though. since the v5, the new Tamas don't even seem like tamagotchis. They're getting very complicated now--I loved the simplicity of the previous ones. Hahaha... Everytime I'm dissapointed with one of the newer Tamas, I go out and scour the city for an old one. I just pulled the tab on my new Psycho Color v4. I'm loving it... : )
  3. Has anybody seen them in the Houston, TX area? Seems like we're always one of the last states to get 'em...
  4. To me a "blast from the past" would not include anything with a "v" in front of it. V1 only came out a few years ago, people... I would LOVE to see an angelgotchi connection. It's my dream tam.
  5. Hmmm... May have to check this out! I've been dissapointed with the whole v5 thing, but htis may be cool! I'm in love with the origianl, round design and lack of antenna. Hopefully it'll be only ONE character.
  6. Well, I'm content with my new DSI from Japan. Money's tight this year, so I'm not really asking for much. Some DS games, little plastic animals (the cheap kind at party stores...) and an aquarium. Fish are soooothing. xD Oh, and the new Spore Expansion pack. Gotta ♥ Spore.
  7. Don;t know about you guys but I would LOVE to see an Angelgotchi Connection. Let's quit vith the "Version s", okay? Pretty soon we'll have version 47. Haha. Oh yeah, and OsuMesu21, where'd you get that info? Just curious!
  8. Wow. This is terrible. The whole charm of the Tamagotchi to me is the cute little pixel characters on the screen. If they bump it up to this color thing, I'm out for good. Why can't Bandai just let the Tamagotchi be a Tamagotchi? You don't always have to fix something that's already great. To me the design of the Tama is too fat looking. And the background and characters resemble something of a cheap online game. It totally kills the charm of the Tamagotchi.
  9. Yes, now I believe that this will be MORE likely, considering the v5.5 isn't really called a 5.5. Instead, it's just the Celebrity Familitchi. One TamaTalker from the UK recieved a message telling them that it wouldn't be released there, but that v6 would be in stores January 2009. So, the USA will probably be getting them at the end of the year, as Bandai stated.
  10. v5.5 is due out this month, and v6 at the end of the year, or so Bandai claims.
  11. I'm getting ready to leave really soon, but I was just wondering if they sell Tamagotchis at CVS Pharmacy! Please, hurry!
  12. I personally hope that they take the route they did with the v5 and slightly change the look of it. The Royal FamiTams are too gaudy to me. Plus, that little keyring thing looks really cheesy in my opinion. Like it would just snap off. xD
  13. That what the ".5" stand for in the v4, people. It doesn't mean its a new version, it's just an updated and slight new experience. If Bandai had released the v5 (which is an entirely different concept) immediately after the v4, I don't think many people would have liked it. I happen to be a big fan of v4-v4.5s. I also LOVE my v3. And yes, I really wish that they would've stuck with the basic Tamagotchi idea. Having a "family" on one Tamagotchi takes all of the fun out of it. Hopefull the v6 at the end of the year will sort things out. I can only imagine what they're going to do!
  14. I think this has gone on long enough. There are like a bajillion posts claiming that somebody's found the v6. I thikn we've established the fact that it's just the Tamagotchi Pedometer.
  15. I find that difficult to believe. I doubt that they would kick somebody out of Church for that. Everybody is welcomed there. If a person's cell phone went off in church it would be very awkward, but I seriously doubt they'd kick the person out. Unless I see it, I'm not gonna believe it...