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  1. DON'T YOU KNOW!!! ELECTRONICS+MAGNIT= MESSED UP ELECTONICS!!! DUH!!! my advice: just get a new one.
  2. cool, as someone said why would anyone lie on here? i mean what's the point? I totaly belive you you are so lucky to have a but I think my fave charector is Miko or the only one with out "oghi" at the end of her name.
  3. those are some raely bad skill points you should go to school alot more! Gozaratchi is a unaversal charecter(they come from bad care/low skill points).
  4. you are SOOOooooo obsesed. I don't think I would do that but neat idea. I dare ya all! try makeing a person out of the little symbols on your key bord! _____ (_____) |( - _ - )| |() ()| |/_____\|
  5. please help i keep feeding my tamas the wrong thing by acident!
  6. there's a little logout sign in one of the bottom corers of the screen click that then it will ask you if you realy want to logout clik yes and there will be your password make sure you enter all the digits and letters corectly or else it will say error and make you enter it the right way. hope this helped. kittyachii
  7. oh you mean the user name to get in don't you, go to the icon that you would normaly go to if you where checking if it was hungry or something and hit the a or b buton a few times then the screen should say USERNAME: and have the username you chose for your tama when it was born
  8. hi just wondering what the avrege age was for tama right now
  9. wow that sucks! but i have no idea what happend. maby tamas are cold bloded i woner what would happen if you put it in the freezer
  10. keep donateing once you have about 20,000 gotchi points donated he your tama will flash saying "THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION VISIT TAMA TOWN" then go.
  11. one of mine did that too it looks soo creepy expecaly when it eats I'm wonderi9ng the same thing so if you got some info please send it!