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  1. I have not been online for a long long time; but I have been thinking up a few things for you to create. Ever since a war of Tug of War with my poor Tamagotchi the key ring came off! So then I put a string for the substitute.... Here's the first project... NOTE: This and all the other projects are optional.For this one, I'm only suggesting some things. What you'll need: Your Tamagotchi(if you have the keyring pulled off...) Some string, as long as you want Some beads or decoration, etc. (optional) First, loop the string into the first chain that connected the keyring and it together. Loop it again, and tie a knot (a good, tight double-pretzel knot, I suggest.). Put some decoration on before the next step. Loop the top string into a hole, and tie it, NOT making the hole into a ball of tightened string that you cannot get apart. (This way, you can still put it on your backpack or hang it up, etc.) And that's pretty much it! The next project: Portable Tamagotchi House, for 1 Tama, and kind of a bed. Tama House, Tama Bed. Whatever you call it,it's both. If you have those mild-sized ring boxes, they're awesome. For more protection, those watch metal boxes are excellent! What you'll need: A box. A very small one but fitting your Tamagotchi. Yarn. Hole-puncher, if cardboard ring box, etc. Etc., etc. Whatever you like to decorate! A knife or a good pair of scizzors. (optional for windows) Bedding! You have to have something comfortable for your little one! First, put your bedding in. If you have a cardboard box, punch holes in it, parallel to each other. Leave room for your Tamagotchi!!! I suggest punching the holes in the middle of the box. Loop the yarn through. Windows are optional. Decorate, and tada! You're finished! Good News!: I shall be adding pictures for these projects later!!!
  2. I played with my v4.5, and it kept on playing with me. Until it was 0 pounds. I'm serious. I just played with it, then BAM! I found out it was 0 pounds!!!! HELP!!!
  3. I want an Iphone. Soon.... I SHALL GET IT!!! Oops... Sorry about the caps lock on.
  4. I love those Legendary Pokemon! And this is off topic, but why does it say when you go to Tamagossip it says 404 Error: Board does not exist. Can someone who knows tell me???
  5. Wow, this test is mind-reading(O.o)!!! I cannot believe it can even tell you about yourself (o.o again)!! My friend, Hunt, took the test two times. The 1st try he got Cubone, and the 2nd try he got Rayquaza. And those questions are funny. Like on No. 1, it said "He's so mean!!". Or I think it is...I hope many people will post their results. And people who got flying types, please imagine...
  6. Ninja, you did not read wrong(whew!). I just forgot to add em', heh ehe. Sorry if I confused you. And, since ost of everyone else took the quiz and told me the results, I got a Latias! It says: You are nice, friendly, and overall very carefree and easy-going. You make friends with no trouble, and your relationships and bonds last. Despite your cheerfulness, you are also powerful and dangerous when angered. You do your best to protect those who dear to you. Mmmm, I love Latias! Oi, I cna imagine myself flying over downtown now! LOL! I like to daydream. All those Pokemon lovers, please come here to vote for your favs!
  7. Heh he... Some aren't legendaries.... Hehe... Anyway.... Tell me... Which out of these do you like? Uxie Azelf Mespririt Hehe... I'll be waiting....Again....
  8. You maybe don't like any of the Pokemon I posted. You can either vote or tell about why you like a Pokemon that didn't appear in the list. I actually love this site where you answer a few questions (fill-in-the-bubble kind) and it tells you what Pokemon you are! If you want the web URL, here it is: http://www.eonlightvalley.com/pquiz.php I love Latias and Manaphy (they are so CUTE!). I also like another huge bunch of Pokemon. But Latias and Manaphy are the main ones I like. I'll explain: Why about Latias: Latias is cute, and it can learn a lot of powerful moves. And if it was real, then I would fly over downtown in the dark... It would be so beautiful. (It's cold over in UT; better bundle up for the ride in winter!) Why Manaphy: Cuz it's cute. That's pretty much the only reason. Ok, I'll be waiting for your votes and posts! -Yuazha808
  9. OMG, I probably couldn't list em' all! There's HUNDREDS of things I would want, LOL! I'm just gonna list a few, OK? 1. Wii and a Mii 2. A DS Lite (I lost my old one) 3. Tamagotchi v5 (IF they're coming out...) 4. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl 5. Pokemon Emerlad (Heh, I could transfer Pokemon by using Pal Park.) 6. A Bichon Frise (It's a type of dog) 7. Lovebirds (They're cute!) 8. A mansion 9. A million dollars!!! (obviously...) 10. A better job 11. More furniture 12. More peace to the world... 13. More projects to come up with and to post them on my favorite Tamagotchi sites 14. A bigger room 15. A nicer little sister 16. Another dog, which is a Maltese... OK... That was long o_o Heh. And please contact me for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescues! (The GBA game!)
  10. If somebody got you a Tamagotchi with a "boring or stupid design", you can Re-Design it yourself WITHOUT smearing it all over the place! You'll need air-drying paint,a paintbrush,a pencil,newspapers,paint,and other things you can design your Tamagotchi with! Note this project might fail... First trace what you want to paint onto your Tamagotchi.Don't worry if you scratch the orignal design off, whatsoever. Lay the newspapers somewhere,like on a table or a flat ground. Paint your Tama with your design you wanted.Let the paint dry.Don't put too much paint on or the paint will crumble and may take the orignal design off. There you have your home-made Tamagotchi with wanted design!
  11. Yeah! Great idea!I should edit my post!
  12. Hi!Yuazha here!Tamagotchi Projects2 is finally here! Tamagotchi Waterproof Sleeping Pouch For this project,you will need: Any kind of fabric that won't rip easily Tape and plastic wrap Decorations for the taped/plastic wrapped fabric Needle and Thread First,make the fabric big enough for your Tamagotchi to fit.Sew the fabric,but leave one side opened.Put palstic wrap over the fabric,enough to fit and NOT strain.Tape the plastic wrap.NOTE:Test it first.Dunk it in water and check for leaks or rips.Only the top will remain open,and make a tiny pillow for comfort for your Tamagotchi.Take it camping with you! P.S. Sew a flap on and you'll get more protection for your Tamagotchi! Note:This was suggested by a user.
  13. This is a Ura-Character. You have Tamagotchi Version 4.5,right? Kutchipatchi's wearing a hat, and hopefully you won't have a glitch or anything.
  14. I wonder if Tamatalk is arch-enimies with other Tamagotchi-related websites,but here's a mini-website with a sub for the other growth chart.... Here is the link: http://tama-zone.com/ar/t4976.htm Don't look at the different babies and toddlers...Just use the orignal characters from before. Hope I helped!