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    Lynn-chan ™ <br>PM me and I'll give you free art. <br>[free crappy art]<br><br>Heyy. Here I will just talk about myself since I'm guessing you want to know about me since you are on my profile, yes? I though so.<br><br>Name l Lynn<br>Age l None of your buisness<br>Gender l Take a guess<br>Interest && Hobbies l Anime, manga, music, TamaTalk (obviously), Gaia Online, making AMVs, anime conventions, art, writing, etc;<br><br>Well, now you know about me so shoo', no need to be here now, nee?!<br>Yes, I thought so. Now leave. x'3<br><br>Live <br>Love<br>Lie<br>Die<br></3

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  1. I just finished off a bowl of veggie chips.
  2. That game is beyond an EPIC fail. I think I just died a little on the inside.
  3. No, she isn't dead. I'm not a Miley fan but I wouldn't be happy if it she dead. I think it's disgusting that people would be happy that someone who hadn't even done something to deserve to die would be dead..
  4. Pajamas = ducky pants and one of my dad's undershirt
  5. I have a fear of using public batrooms so it's already bad enough for me. @___@
  6. Fart in front of my crush. Would you rather have a Tamagotchi or DS?
  7. 1o/1o I deserve a 1 considering I've been away for nearly 3 weeks. :3
  8. Even though I didn't realize the terroist attack happened until nearly a year after I remember it clearly, the day it happened all fo the teachers and adults were acting strange and worried. I didn't exactly know why but I was smart enough to realize that something was going on. All the 2,973 people who died did nothing to deserve to die. Nothing. I'm practically in tears now thinking about it. and I just watched a YT video that is making me even more teary. EDIT: "Our eagle cried that day."