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  1. Meat eaters do not respect me. I love animals so much they hate me for it. I don't mind. Also, I am not turning this topic into a war. I'm talking calmly. Have I said: 'OMG! You **** I hate you!' No I've kept things calm and thats how I want it to be. Also, I do not care as much if starving people consume a few animals. It just bugs me that all of us eat meat and we don't really need it. Ok, maybe some of you, but not all of you.
  2. Ok, ok. Hang on. I understand that not any of you has much compassion for slaughtered animals and we are never going to agree on this. I don't care if meat eaters don't respect me. I don't respect them so I don't want anything back. You might not believe in what I'm going to do, but that's ok I guess. I don't believe in what you're saying and you don't believe what I am saying. And starman, I am not used guilt on you. I am speaking facts. I love animals and to see them eaten everyday. It hurts me. And about pets. Some People breed chickens and cows and pigs and stuff on their farm and do not eat them. I think that is pets.
  3. No. I never give up. I've learnt that. And how do you know if people will always eat murdered animals? You don't.
  4. When I said that I'd get what I wanted, I didn't mean it to sound forceful. I meant, you know I'll achieve my task! I do not force people. And I don't mind if I am not liked. I'm just happy with the animals. I must try to stop this cruelty. If you were to think like I am thinking. Imagine if something you truly loved and cared for was getting eaten by people who didn't really need to? It upsets me a lot. And no matter what, I will get what I want. (Um, achieve my goal)
  5. Ok, you won't agree with me. That's ok. But I will get what I want. Animals will live in peace. And it does matter if somebody eats steak and another person doesn't. That cow could have had a happy life on a farm bringing joy to other people. Or, it could have given milk to thirsty people in other countries. We are eating life away. We don't need to. And you can get loads of protien from eggs, fish, ect. You don't always need tofu and stuff. And as I said, I won't force people. I will work, keeping myself to myself and I will pull off this 'impossible task.' Really! I'm not acting silly, I believe in what I want to do. Please stop doubting me, ok? ^.^;;
  6. Also, we could live without meat and be healthy. We have loads of other great ways to get protien. We are all just eating life that we could do without. We're not like meat eating animals that we need meat to survive. We have a choice.
  7. I will achieve my goal. I don't care if you don't believe in me but I will! Also, I love animals so much because they helped me. They changed my life and I must repay them. I know people who are veggies and look healthy.
  8. Don't be so mean. I will acheive my goal. Not by forcing people. I'm not like that. I'll do it my own way and it will will will work.
  9. I can ok? I will. I believe. You might not, but I do, and even if it takes years, months, days, no more humans will eat animals.
  10. Don't call me a fool. I care more about animals that myself. I would sacrifice my life for them. Anyway, I have plan to stop animals being eaten and it will work, Ok? And don't say C*ap
  11. I think eating meat is wrong. I do not like to talk to people who eat meat, personally. Also, we are not suited for an omnivore diet. God or whatever you want to call it did not create animals to be eaten. We chose the option to eat murdered animals. Would you like to be killed for other people to eat, who could survive on another diet? Would you??? No. And Sweet Kandi, each and every animal is special. I know they are not rare or endangered but each one is special. Don't you get it? Just one animal could give one person a lot of joy. It's like eating dogs or cats. how come we do not choose to chew on them? They are still animals like pigs and cows and that. So when you next see a kitten or a puppy or a piglett or a calf think: 'They're still animals. They all deserve a good life.'
  12. Plants, well, they have no logic, hey they can't feel pain. They can't think so eating plants is ok. But I think eating meat is kinda wrong. One animal could have given somebody a lot of pleasure instead of being eaten. Also, in the bible it said that humans were meant to be pure and not to eat another flesh. And, qourn and tofu tastes like meat and is a lot healthier for you. Sorry, about the spelling mistakes? Lol.
  13. Hah, yeah...I hope so. Nice avvie by the way.
  14. Does anyone want a forum and does not know how to get one? If you PM me (or post here) we can be forum partners and start a tamagotchi forum together! How about it?