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  1. You wouldn't happen to be a Warrior Cat fan would you?

  2. Okay so I went to NYC and I got a handbag. It looks like those Coach purses everyone is carrying around except it has the letters "G O" written all over it. The handles are interchangable so you can make it fit over your shoulder and on the inside you can clip the bag together so it looks smaller. I'll try to post a picture of it. Can anyone PLEASE try to tell me what brand it is? I threw away the tag before looking at it Oh and I bought it for $30 and the man who sold it to me said I was getting a VERY good deal on that type of bag... EDIT: I couldn't find any other way to let any of you see a pic so I just posted it as my myspace default. You can see it here. ANOTHER EDIT: I just realized I said "hangbag" instead of "Handbag" in the title!!
  3. I finished the whole series about a month ago, and I must say, in the first 2 books I fell in love with Farid! Then I fell for Doria in Inkdeath.
  4. Mine was yesterday... I was in band and we were told to help clean up the bleachers that were still on the stage from our last concert. I didn't know that he told us to get off the stage right afterwards though... and one of my friends came and told me the bell rang to leave (I couldn't hear it on stage) so I thought I'd tell my other friend it was time to go. Well, the whole time we were cleaning up the curtains were shut and I heard some movie thing going on on the other side. I thought it was since we had hour and a half classes that day so they put a movie in... WRONG. I stepped in front of the curtain... and came face to face with a HUGE crowd of middle schoolers! my friend had already left! and to top it off, one of the middle schoolers had the nerve to yell "get off the stage!"
  5. Mine was yesterday... I was having a sleepover at my house and my friends and I were walking down by the lake and we saw about 250 dead fish all along the shore and in the water within a 30 meter radius! We finally concluded that there's either a monster in the lake or the water is just that toxic. XD
  6. mine was something along the lines of "grrrahughsusrnrl;surrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!" stupid rats... >.>
  7. Okay so I bought pet rats a few months ago and I've tried bonding with them many times and they are horrible! They are aggressive! They bite and since I have to have them on the floor of my closet they throw their betting all over the place! I have my clothes all over my closet floor (they're not covered in rat droppings or anything) but they're on the floor because I accidentally broke the shelf and my rats somehow reach through their cage and destroy my blouses!! So I have a question for you tamatalkers... is it humane to let my rats go to live in the wild? Like let them go loose in the country? My mom says it's fine but I want people to tell me what they think please!
  8. This is so amazing! I saw the Tamagotchi Colour on Ebay awhile ago and I wasn't sure it was real, but now I know it is!
  9. I have 2 of them that really stand out this year so far (and many others but it would take too long to write them) 1. It was lunch time and we were sitting at the table when one of my other friends stops by to say hi. He doesn't sit down at all but he picks up the book "Eclipse" and mouths "This is a really good book". We couldn't hear him so he whispered "this is a really good book" we STILL couldn't hear him so he yelled at the top of his lungs "THIS IS A REALLY GOOD BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!" Lol! The WHOLE cafeteria and everyone in the hallways just stopped what they were doing and stared at our table XD 2. It was lunch time and it was towards the end of lunch so people were crowding the hallways getting ready for the bell to ring. One of my friends named Michael kicked my other friend Tyler in the knee playfully but a bit too hard so Tyler was swearing and such and another one of my friends comes by (the same one who shouted in funny moment #1) and yelled "DON'T EFFING SWEAR! IT'S NOT EFFING NICE!!!!!!"(only he actually said the swear word) and the whole time the school police officer was right behind him and we were laughing and Sean (friend who yelled) said "what?" and then the police officer tapped him on the shoulder XD EDIT: I found a third one that's funny! We were in health class and the teacher said a nice stress reliever is to just sit and breathe in and hold it for 5 seconds and then breathe out. So he told us to do that and he turned off the lights. For about 3 minutes the only sounds you could hear was the breathing of everyone. All of a sudden Nick let off this REALLY raunchy fart and there was a moment of silence when the breathing stopped. Then everyone cracked up! Including the teacher! The teacher was in tears!
  10. My English teacher was talking about them for some reason and as soon as she said that word Nicole, Jayne, and I looked at each other and said at the same time "Miranda!" Just so people know, a hypochondriac is a person who takes a minor body function and intensifies it to something WAY beyond what it really is. (Ex: a stomach ache suddenly turns into stomach cancer). So anyway everyone is getting really annoyed with her and her "asthma attacks" (she only gets them when she's faced with something she doesn't want to do or she wants attention). She intensifies EVERYTHING slightly wrong with her and everyone's getting sick of it, even the teachers! The teachers have to let her go to the office though if she says she's feeling bad because of school policy. I was wondering if anyone else knows someone like this?
  11. I have witnessed this sadly People are more sad than they used to be so it seems. I can't say I've never been very sad myself though, I've gone through times where I just couldn't stand life anymore, but now I'm a happy little spaz cake ^.^
  12. I have an English project due in about a couple of weeks and we're allowed to be creative and stuff. It has to be about the book we read (Romeo and Juliet) or about something in that general time era. For my project, I have permission to bring in 2 swords and a battle axe as visual aid. I'm also bringing in 2 wooden dowels as "practice swords" because I'm going to take a volunteer and show the whole class a sword technique. I have 2 posterboards. One has a picture of a sword on it and labelled parts and the other one has a picture of a suit of armor with it's labelled parts... Does this sound like it's going to earn me 100 points? Should I talk about more? Please Help! I'm stuck as to what else to do!
  13. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days, but James is on pause because I THOUGHT I had plenty of batteries and it turns out I don't. I have to wait until I can afford new tama batteries. Until then, James will stay on Pause!