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  1. On the intructions it says when my tama gets a job it will have 12 more mini games. it doesnt. My tama has a job, only gets money, not mini games.
  2. Ugghh. I hate music, thus, In hate cartoons, ect. too much music. *smashes radio* The person below me is an idiotic fool who thinks she's gangstaa.
  3. DUN DUN DUNN! The person below me has a dead tamagotchi.
  4. You must be obbssed to dream about tamatalk.. lol.
  5. Fergie- Paris is just... wrong. Fergie doesn't wear tiny dresses with no underwear and let the world see her private place.
  6. There's another way to earn 9900 gp fast. Go to tama-zone to see if you can find the code. \ XD
  7. OMG!! *so jealous* I spend time thinking of what to decorate my tama key chains with and stuff and that comes with all the stuff. >_<
  8. My tama used to die all the time when i first got it- (waht? I WAS 9!!) and it looks like a floating angel. once I caught one dying I tried to stop it- IT WAS SO SAD whatching it die, it makes all these noises and it goes sick (i think.. don't remmember) and it like makes the noise lower a little and a angel appears.. so sad.
  9. Okay, I got poop from the mail. I got anothe rpoop from the mail. I got a robber on the mail, and another one. WHO SENDS THESE MAAIIILLS? I don't like this mail guy. I never did- he looks ugly too.
  10. It usually evolves after it has its 5-10 min sleep. XD
  11. Here's a tip: DON'T PLAY IT IN CLASS! You deserve what you get. XD
  12. Yeah I think it's just another version that happens to be slightly changed and better.
  13. That's oh so cute. I bet when mako is an adult he'll probably be "old enough" to fall in love.. maybe. XD