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  1. I like your Sora avatar! I like KH as well as you do!

  2. What happened to us? It used to be You were my reality. Now it seems You don't care for me, And just being close Makes you tear at the seams. Now I am lost, Without you, I just don't know What to do. My heart is in a million pieces I hope is was worth it Because soon I will be no more. When you confronted me, My heart sank down, Down, to the floor. I could hear it thud in my ears, I sound louder than I have ever heard before. Why do you hate me? What happened to when you would talk for days about how wonderful I am How you think that we will be together How does it go? Oh, "Till death do us part." But now I know that love Is just another emotion of the human heart, And every time you glared at me, Mine had gotten another broken part. So now I tell you, I love you, And I want to say, I hope you wanted this, Because I will be gone After today. We just had our poetry unit in English and this is what I wrote. Just wanting to see what you guys think!
  3. I was last here when I was 10. This thursday is my 16th birthday >_>

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    2. ayan300


      Happy Birthday!

    3. lainabug01


      Thanks guys! :D Yeah, it's definitely a lot different than when I was last here lol

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      Happy birthdayy


  4. The only really horrible book I've ever tried to read is the Night World series. I loooooved the first story, but afterwords, the other stories were just... Boring. Well, no, the Door in the Lake was pretty bad too. It's from this kid's point of view, who thinks he was abducted by aliens. He went a lake, saw a bright flash, and swears to everyone that he was abducted. It describes his experiences in the ship and everything, and it was kind of cool because of how descriptive it was, but the ending ruined it. It turned out that he was insane, locked up, and was really just talking about his story to the air... >.<
  5. My school has GOT to be the only one in the world that only delays the day after a major flood...

  6. Anyone? Started playing about 2 weeks ago, it's great
  7. I have, but only twice. Both times, when I was waking up, there was a very odd sensation of being half awake and half asleep, and I couldn't move my "real" limbs. It was kind of scary, but cool at the same time...
  8. I love the Miyazaki movies! <3 But, I can't pick a favorite. I'm kind of edging toward Kiki's delivery service, but I haven't seen it in forever...
  9. Anyone played it? It's one of my favorite games ^.^