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  1. Does anybody have an ETA on this? I know it says 2018, but my body is ready!!
  2. I know it's an adult book, but it's really really good!
  3. I know it may be a bit mature (a lot a bit!) but its SOOO good! Any other fans in here of Tyrion?
  4. Yepyep. It was basically amazing.

  5. Whaaaaattt~ That's awesome :D Luckyy~~

  6. Yes it is. I went to Lady Gaga's Monster Ball!

  7. so is your profile picture you?

  8. Axel and Roxas. Heck yes!

  9. There isn't much Tama spirit left, even in myself(even though I still play them) but when someone calls them childish or stupid, I kind of make a game of it. I'll make a stupid face and be all "Oh yeah. My momma got it for me today. I can't wait to go home and play with my new Barbies!" Then I roll my eyes and laugh at them. I stopped caring if they're childish, I like them.
  10. You know what, all of these companies complain about not being able to sell them. Users on here complain about not getting them. That should tell bandai something. As said in multiple threads, Bandai needs to make a more various product lineup. Not many teens in US want to get Tamas because they are childish. I think if bandai made a new tama for more mature audiences, this would help a lot.
  11. Yes, because you can stick them both in your nose!! Why are my feet itchy?