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    Reading, riding my bike, playing with my tama, and chatting on Tamatalk.<br><br>in case u guys notice my siggy, i love Shikamaru more than any one in the whole friggin world. nobody i mean no friggin body loves him more than me. so otther ShikaIno fans, step back 'cause Shikamari is comin and they are here to rock this friggin world!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>love Mrs.Nara

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  1. Well, I always wanted to debug one ever since I joined Tamatalk. But, I was too young to know how to, so I waited. Now a few weeks ago, I debugged one that kept rejecting it's battery. It works fine now.
  2. B-bravo... I loved it! It was so real life. Tamachick1200
  3. I've never really done it before, but it sounds fun. Tamachick1200
  4. Hm. That's wierd. That never happened to any of mine. I'm sure she'll be fine though. Tamachick1200
  5. One of my V3's have lines going through the screen. It works completely fine, and the screen's been this way ever since I've bought it. It's a little annoying though. Maybe I should change the background? Tamachick1200
  6. Somehow, I have a marutchi that's in her 30's. Most likely a glitch. Tamachick1200
  7. The features I like the most: Hm, I guess I could say I like the mail one. The school one is cute too. But, the fortunes in the mail seem a little pointless. My favorite character: I like mametchi. I've always like him and I always will. I have a ura mametchi on my V4.5 and I love him to tears. Do I like the V4.5?: I do. It's cute, and yet another addition to the tamagotchi family. Tamachick1200
  8. I've got a V2 nano. It's really cute, and it's much easier to care for. It doesn't do much though. I hope I'm aiming for the one your talking about. *sweatdrop* Tamachick1200
  9. I personally like the familitchi, but the characters grow pretty slow. And considering you can only play two out of the four games they offer unless one of your characters is a parent. I suppose it's ok, but I like playing with my V3's and V2's more. I like the older ones. The familitchi's cute, though. Hm, I don't know. It depends if you REALLY want it or not. But, if you decide to get one, I hope you enjoy it. Tamachick1200
  10. I love decorating my tamagotchis. I prefer using those little nail decal stickers on them because if I don't want them on anymore, they come off easily. Where did you get the little rhinestones? I love them. Tamachick1200
  11. Well, my parents don't mind that I play with them. Also, don't you think they're good for teaching you parenting? You DO have to take care of them like your child, right? So, I don't see why they wouldn't approve. Tamachick1200
  12. *sigh* I knew there'd be something I'd have to sacrifice. Oh well. Do you think it still connects? Because, for some reason, it's not connecting either. Tamachick1200
  13. I never give my password out but I'm pretty sure the admin knows. Tamachick1200 TM Edit: How to: Recognise and Avoid Topic Bumping Please try to remember to check the date of the last reply in the topic to avoid bumping old threads? Thanks! *closed*
  14. I don't remember how many I have but I usually play with 4 at the time. I realize that it's harder if they are all babies, because they always need attention. But my familitchi doesn't really call for attention that much. Tamachick1200
  15. Oh...I believe it was 3rd grade and my neighbor's kid (we were friends) has a V1. Pretty soon, everyone had one except me. One day, my neighbor took her daughter and I to Toys R Us, and we each bought two. I got a pink V2 with pictures of lipstuick and lips on it and a blue chibi one with yellow and orange stripes. I think I'm the only one in my school that still plays with them. *giggles* Happy to say it too. My first tamagotchi was debugged. It still works too, and I'm glad it does. It's a mametchi. Tamachick1200