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  1. I'm laughing quite a lot about how off I was in some respects, yet how close I was in others. If it were a Japanese release it probably would have been a much earlier release, but I did have a sneaking suspicion that we'd need to wait a bit longer if it turned out to be an international release: Exactly a month before the "announcement", it would seem! A leak detailing this release from a few months ago actually mentions a May announcement and August release. Given how far off May is I'd be surprised if we were waiting that long for an announcement, but I still guess we're not going to see any official word on what this release is for quite a while.
  2. This is an extremely brief update to say that I’ve been getting back into battery glitches again lately, and there’s been some really interesting findings so far. One other user managed to find some really interesting unused functionality using battery glitches, so once a bit more research is done on it I’ll be doing a bit of a write-up about it here.
  3. Yeah, so, this is a new trademark that's just emerged: https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/008272074-0001 I want to begin by making it quite clear that this has not been confirmed for a European market. The website that listed it is a European Union property office, but this does not indicate that the device will be releasing in Europe. In fact, some digging reveals that they've also listed several other versions that were all for the Japanese market. As such, I don't believe this will be an international release just yet. It's also been noted that Italian is listed as a language in the trademark - this is also true for the Japanese versions; it's only indicative of the fact that the trademark representative (Studio Torta) is an Italian company. I did some investigation into this to see what I could find and I ended up finding some interesting things, including more Tamagotchi trademarks from the same source. Firstly, I noticed that although this trademark only recently emerged, the trademark was first claimed in late August. This is also unique in the sense that it's the only one of these trademarks that lists the design trademark being trademarked before the device's release. The others all claimed the trademark before release but filed the design afterwards. We'll come back to this in a bit. Here's some more trademarks also listed by Bandai: Tamagotchi 4U https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/002590554-0001 Filing date: 26/06/2014, though hints in anime as early as 03/04/2014 Announcement: 02/07/2014 Release: 27/09/2014 Tamagotchi M!x https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/003404193-0001 Filing date: 05/04/2016 Announcement: 14/05/2016 Release: 16/07/2016 Tamagotchi Meets https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/005887239-0001 Filing date: 27/06/2018 Announcement: 10/10/2018 (leaked on 08/08/2018) Release: 23/11/2018 Additional info: Also filed by Wiz Co Ltd Tamagotchi (2021 release) https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/008272074-0001 Filing date: 27/08/2020 (Note though that this seems to be for the patent claim and not the document filing) Announcement: ??/??/202? Release: ??/??/2021 Additional info: Not filed by Wiz Co Ltd There's been some speculation that this one could be another Meets / On release - the lack of Wiz Co suggests to me that it's definitely a new version. Taking these dates into account, and considering that the new release was first filed several months ago, I'm predicting an announcement in the next few weeks - either later this month or early-mid January. Then we're probably set for a March release date, which coincides with the 17th anniversary of the Connection. So I guess I'll call it now and say I think it'll release March 20th 2021. Some further digging for design trademarks reveals that there are more Bandai trademarks listed under a different organisation name: Entama https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/000455548-0001 https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/000455548-0002 Filing date: 15/09/2005 Release: 23/11/2005 Two months between trademark and release Uratama https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/000622576-0001 Filing date: 17/05/2006 Release: 22/07/2006 Two months between trademark and release Tamasuku https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/000660626-0001 Filing date: 03/08/2006 Release: 23/11/2006 Nearly four months between trademark and release TMGC+C https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/001071831-0001 Filing date: 23/07/2008 Release: 22/11/2008 Four months between trademark and release Tama-Go https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/designs/001196851-0001 Filing date: 30/09/2009 (trademark claimed) / 18/02/2010 (design filed) Announcement: 22/03/2010 Release: ??/08/2010 They really strung this one out for some reason, but again the time between filing and announcement actually roughly matches the time between the announcement and the release Here's something curious - the only international model here was one with a particularly long cycle, and another case of the design patent being out before the release or the announcement, unlike the Japanese models. It's been nearly four months since the new version first had its trademark claimed, so about 3-4 months until release makes sense, but I'll note that this is much more in line with the Tama-Go than with any of the Japanese versions. Maybe a hint at an international release after all? But we'll see. Either way it looks like it's still around a month before an announcement and probably three months before release.
  4. I'm normally not too interested in the P1/2 rereleases but uh, these are some of the nicest shells I've ever seen.
  5. At one point I was considering starting a project to take photos of all different kinds of boards to look for differences like this. Maybe if I get around to it I'll work a bit more on that project soon. Ah yeah, there's definitely some unused menus and things. I wonder if any of the cut features from the aforementioned patent document will turn up in ROM dumps. Speaking of unused menus, supposedly by performing battery glitches on a V3 it's possible to get into the "HEADING / SLOT" menu from the V2, which is apparently still present for some reason. Even weirder is that playing SLOT supposedly works on the V3. Not something I've managed to reproduce, though. You'd think they'd be more careful about space usage on devices like a Tamagotchi but apparently unused games aren't a big deal
  6. Hmm, that's a good point. I think the Keitai can be debugged using soldering as I recall? There's definitely a debug jumper that's a rectangle shape rather than a circle shape on some Keitai boards. As I recall, there's also one of these on some 2.0 European V1s too, though I'm not sure they've ever been successfully debugged. There is also the question of how many characters might be present in the data but not in the debug character select. One prime example is Tsutatchi / Tsutayatchi, which is very much a selectable character on the Plus but behaves differently on other V1-3 versions. The food the character eats - and presumably any other character-specific behaviours - seem to have remained unchanged between the versions, but its sprite set uses Nazotchi's sprites instead, hence there being two Nazotchis in the debug character list. However, the only thing that seems to have changed is the set of sprites that the character points to, rather than the sprites themselves, as the sprites can still appear when other Deka characters use items on V2/3 (due to the Deka characters having limited sprite lists, I guess there's an overflow and it reads the sprites for a different character instead). While logging Deka sprites, MasterPengo also noticed that some V2-exclusive sprites appear when certain Deka characters use certain items, too. After a lot of research I found that this is due to a bunch of sprite IDs seemingly not getting replaced by other sprites on the V3 - rather, new sprite IDs were added to the end of the sprite index list. What this basically means is that there's a few IDs for every character that aren't used because they correspond to sprites that would have only been used on the V2. A few of these are still a bit speculative: 27 - Skateboard 1 28 - Skateboard 2 29 - Boots 30 - Tools 1 31 - Tools 2 36 - Cape 1 37 - Cape 2 46 - Racquets? 64 - Computer 1? 65 - Computer 2? 70 - Glasses? So the next question is whether new characters have totally unused sprites in these slots that would have been used should these items have stuck around, or whether the V2 sprites are still in these slots, even for characters that weren't in the V3. A dump would help answer that question. Totally, yeah. It'll be nice to finally determine once and for all what the required conditions for "good care" is, haha. Lots of broken Tamagotchis come up every now and then on eBay and a few other sites. I know a few people interested in figuring out how to dump the connections have had their eyes on some of those listings to experiment with, so I hope one of them ends up giving us a positive result. Especially if it's a lot with a bunch of different versions and we can get them all dumped in one go, hahaha. If they do get dumped I hope the code is like... readable, you know. It'll be important for both preservation and research purposes that the dumps are catalogued by their ROM version numbers; if the ROM versions aren't obvious (since I don't think they're stored as separate graphics like they are on the Tama-Go and Friends) it'll be that extra bit trickier knowing which version has been dumped.
  7. Unfortunately it seems like one of the big obstacles getting in the way of us dumping any of them is the huge glob of epoxy covering the microcontroller. As I recall, for the Tama-Go and the Friends, the microcontroller was identified by removing the epoxy using acid and then the figures and the NFC functionality were used in the dumping process. I think there were some security flaws or something that allowed it to happen. I guess if there's a security flaw in the IR functionality on the earlier models that might be used as a means to read the device's ROM? But I don't really know. According to patent documents the microcontroller used on the V1 may have been an ML63189? Though it's hard to be sure they didn't opt for a different controller by the time of the release several months later. There's definitely people interested in dumping their data but I'm just yet to see anyone succeed in their attempts. I sincerely hope we get a full code dump at some point though, because as you say... I couldn't have really put it better myself. I mean, we've known for a while that there is some unused data on each of the Connection versions, but there was never really a particularly accessible or consistent method to viewing most of this content. Any dump that happens will surely reveal a lot of secrets that were previously completely unknown to us. Not only that, but there's an awful lot of different versions of each device, and it'd be nice to obtain some way to identify the differences between each version. It's still unclear why ROM versions 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 all exist when they're so similar to 2.1, for example. Preserving and cataloguing each version would be the ideal way to solve this issue, I think. I hope that ultimately something non-intrusive will be found to preserve all this data. If any particularly rare versions are found (like the GLAY Plus, the PUMA V2, and any pre-release versions that might emerge over time), we'd ideally want them to be preserved without risking destroying the device and its data. Either way though, if something was found for the Friends and the Tama-Go, I'm sure something will emerge for other versions too.
  8. So old topics usually take the form http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=$TOPIC Where $TOPIC is the topic ID. To get a link that works with the new site, try something like: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tamazone/-t$TOPIC.html So for example, http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=18431 becomes https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tamazone/-t18431.html.
  9. There's bound to be some sales information out there, but it might require some digging. If you do find anything interesting I'd love to see it!
  10. I think this is likely to be right - it's worth noting that they're still doing this now. If I link to one of the P1/2 re-release shells, for example, you'll see each one has an "Item Number". This too - the number printed into the back of the shell matches a production date in the following way - suppose the number is ABCDE, then the date of production in the form Y-MM-DD is E-DC-BA - so for example, 51506 corresponds to May 15th 2006 (6-05-15). I've actually been collecting very large amounts of these numbers for the US V2 shells in order to figure out what the production waves were for that version. A fun fact that about the V2 dates I've bumped into so far is that all 51 of the dates I've seen correspond to weekdays - there's not a single weekend production date. This would be a neat feature if it were true, but I don't think it is sadly. There's still some cool things you can infer by performing a ROM test on a device though - the ROM version gives some indication of the general time a device was produced and there's some sort of connection frequency feature, or something (? I'm not sure, I've not investigated this much yet) which the device also tells you, but nothing about the specific number of produced devices.
  11. Hi,

    Can't seem to message you directly so I'm writing on your wall I guess

    I noticed that, around a decade ago, you posted some links to a few old Tamatown swf files in this thread: 

    While I think it's pretty unlikely, would you happen to have downloaded any Tamatown files in the past, and if so, do you still have access to any of these files?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Also, a brief update because this has been on my mind for a bit. This topic alone is useful in providing insight into what's still lost, but I do intend on making more comprehensive documentation soon so that it's very clear how the site was structured when it was up and running. I'll be packaging the recovered files into ZIP files with a README detailing instructions on the directory structure the site used so that Flash Player emulators such as Ruffle will be compatible with Tamatown. Slightly longer-term, emulating the bits of the site that we have using the web archive's Ruffle implementation - or alternative solutions - will allow the game to be preserved beyond 2020 and in the future new versions can replace this one, should any of the other flash files be recovered. This is not a piece of history I want to become lost or obscured
  13. As per my previous post I'm now finally taking another crack at Music Star passwords. I've actually managed to make some progress recently and I'm starting to get an idea of how the data is laid out in the password - the next steps are to map out the data, identify how the usernames work and then finally we should have a way of completely decomposing the passwords. At that point we can start taking a look at item passwords too. For now, some more login code progress is required. In order to crack them I'll need more data to work with. As such, if anyone wants to help out, then generating a bunch of passwords (ideally at least 3 passwords for each set of data, just to be sure) and listing the passwords alongside the following data would help out a lot: * User Name (required) * Character (required) * Gender (required) * "Tone" stat (required) * "Rhythm" stat (required) * "Original" stat (required) * Favourite genre (required) * Job stage (i.e. school / unemployed / debut, ideal) * ROM Version (if known) Then, once these passwords are obtained, if you could change just one of the variables (e.g. increase one of the stats) and then generate some passwords again with the new data that would be ideal. **I should stress that without this second set of passwords there isn't much I can do with the first set either!** Bonus points if, for any given password, you can also give me any working item passwords alongside the item they give. These are tricky to find but not impossible. Please try to ensure the accuracy of the passwords you submit - if any are inaccurate it can make figuring out the passwords a bit trickier. I'll update as soon as I make any more progress!
  14. Hello everyone! Today I've got a treat for you all, courtesy of Wolf Nanaki (a.k.a. OsuMesu21). Whilst digging through some of their files, they found a number of previously lost character swf files and location mp3s. This is a small step, but it's significant one, nonetheless! I guess the next step is finding other dedicated fans who are still around and would have downloaded a bunch of the files at the time they were still accessible? Though I can't see it as particularly likely that too many more people would still have these files, even if they did download them at the time. You can download the files here. In the zip you'll find two directories - a V3 directory and a V5 directory, corresponding to the V3 Tamatown and the V5 Tama & Earth EXPO respectively. The V3 directory is additionally split up into two subdirectories, one for mp3 files and another for swf files. V3/4 Quite a lot of character files! bill.swf billotchi.swf bunbuntchi.swf chomametchi.swf decotchi.swf hashizoutchi.swf kuchitamatchi.swf kurokotchi.swf megatchi.swf mimiyoritchi.swf nyatchi.swf pipotchi.swf sekitoritchi.swf tamatchi.swf teketchi.swf tsunotchi.swf warusotchi.swf wooltchi.swf nazotchi.swf A couple of location mp3s! These would have been used in the Tamagotchi School and the Town Hall respectively. It's a shame that the travel centre mp3 is still lost, though, that one was my favourite. school.mp3 townhall.mp3 V5 Four character swfs are included: r29.swf (Magictchi) r32.swf (Prince Tamahiko) r51.swf (Jeweltchi) r53.swf (Nazotchi, would have been used by guests on the website) If you're aware of the status of Macromedia Flash, you may know that it won't be long before many browsers will be dropping support for it. Future incarnations of Tamatown - or recreations thereof - will need to use something other than Flash. Regardless, for the sake of data preservation, ensuring these files are publicly available would be a good idea, even if there's not much use one can get out of them alone. Though, that said, in the scenario where the rest of Tamatown is also recovered, these files would be vital. On top of that, if you've got a Flash decompiler like JPEXS, you can use it to obtain high quality images of the characters corresponding to each of the files, which is something Wolf Nanaki has done to enhance some of the character art on the wiki. Thanks again to Wolf Nanaki for digging up these files! Until next time, everyone!
  15. I think I'd already sent Binary a message by the time I wrote that paragraph. He's not particularly easy to contact. As I recall, he was around in a few old threads where people discussed how to download the character SWFs and I think some of the music too. To me, this would certainly suggest that there are some people out there who have some of the missing files saved to their old PCs, but I've not had any luck in actually locating or contacting any of these people.