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  1. On top of all this, they don't take fan ideas for Tamagotchis... there is a tonne of legal legwork in doing so, so they certainly wouldn't see one Pokémon fan's idea and go "oh yeah let's do that". Furthermore, the lisencing issues involved in making an Eevee Tamagotchi in the first place would mean that even if they did use fan ideas, a Pokemon collaboration would likely be quickly thrown out due to the complications involved. The fact that we got a collaboration at all would suggest this release had been planned quite a long time in advance.
  2. I highly doubt that. See my post in the other topic.
  3. The majority of Tamagotchi devices have a ROM test mode but the activation methods differ between versions. On vintage devices, a screen test can be activated by pressing A+Reset. This mode does not display a version number or test the ROM functionality, however. For most Japanese devices, B+C+Reset is used to activate ROM testing features. More recent releases (from the P's onwards) use a different method - first the device must be reset, and then on the ちょっとまってね screen the buttons A, C, A, B, C must be pressed in succession all within about 2.5 seconds. This method is also used for the Tamagotchi On Other international devices - like all the connection era devices - use A+B+C+Reset. I think the Plus does too but I'm not entirely sure. If it helps, you can use this diagram.
  4. Sadly the answer is no. Items don't stick around after each generation on the V1. The V1 times are as follows, unless I'm mistaken: Mametchi, Mimitchi: Bow Tie, Bow, Pencil Kuchipatchi, Memetchi: Cap, Maracas Tarakotchi: Boots, Skateboard Hanatchi, Androtchi: Wig, Bubbles Masktchi, Gozarutchi: Cape, Wings, Darts Oyajitchi: Hair Gel Everyone else: Ball I'm pretty sure Sunglasses and Weights are on the V1 too but I can't remember who receives them. This page has a more complete V2 item list, though I think there might still be gaps here and there.
  5. So! One more gap filled in - a user in the Collectors Discord just tested their Tamatama Market Deka, revealing that its version is 15.0! I guess this position makes the most sense considering the Entama corresponds to 14 - it seems like the first Deka corresponding to each main release takes on the version after the initial version. Hopefully some of the remaining Dekas - the Deka Plus, Shopping Centre, Game Centre, Royal Deka, King Deka and Jukutama - can also be tested soon.
  6. That has nothing to do with it. Rainfall, as I understand some of the growth charts for the V4.5 are a bit misleading. On the V4 the parent character family was uniquely determined by what your character was during the teenage stage (with the exception of the universal family which could be reached from any teenager), but from what I've heard the V4.5 doesn't quite follow the same logic - apparently, your character can end up in any family from any teenager. I think it's possible that each teenager still favours one family over the other two, but from what I've heard the V4.5's evolution is generally a bit more erratic than the V4's. Of course, it could also be possible that the growth is intended to be like the V4's but a common glitch is causing the erratic growth behaviour, but regardless it seems common enough to be a feature of the device, from what I can tell.
  7. Someone just dropped this amusing picture in the collectors Discord: Name: Ucla Virtual Pet ("TOYS") Type: Generic Notes: Looks like it's the same shell design as some of the other fakes, but it says "Ucla" for some reason, lol. Looking forward to the MIT Tamagotchi
  8. Yeah, this isn't something that really depends what model of iPod / iPhone you have, it's just that it released around that time, around 2008 or so. If you want to play it today you'd need the iOS app file for it (which wouldn't be easy to get) as well as an iPod or iPhone running a version of iOS before iOS 11, as iOS 11 dropped support for 32-bit applications. It's been a while since I played it, but you're not missing too much. The game is pretty short and involves telling your Tamagotchi where to poop to fertilise trees in order to harvest its fruit. As I recall, there was also a minigame similar to the rhythm game osu! in which your character would do a rain dance to aid the growth of the trees.
  9. - Vintage Tamagotchis do have a test mode, activated with A+Reset. However, only the screen is tested in this mode - no version numbers. - I'd not heard of Watchlin before, but yes it probably does have a test mode. I don't think any device so far has been found to not have a test mode. - Connection versions that are debugged cannot access the test mode, as far as we can tell. Not really sure why. Usually the button combination for Connection devices is A+B+C+Reset or B+C+Reset depending on whether it's an international version or a Japanese-exclusive respectively. The reset button should be pressed while the other buttons are being held down.
  10. Spanish versions are rare enough in English speaking markets that we don't get to see Spanish ROM versions very often - though today a helpful user on the Tamagotchi Collectors Discord revealed two new version screens: The Spanish V1 - assuming there weren't any later Spanish V1 versions - is 4.3. Not exactly surprising, but always nice to know! The Spanish V4.5 has a Tougyutchi as its regional character just like the 5.5. By the looks of it, this version is called "A4.5 S·0", which is a little different to the convention used by other V4.5 versions. --- Hey, while I'm here, let's talk about that "Recognition Codes" thing I mentioned in the patents post. It seems to be the case that all Japanese and international models that used Infrared and could connect to other versions in the connection series had a version in the same version numbering system - the integer part of the version number being the "Recognition Code" of that particular version. The version number was reset from 4U onwards, perhaps not coincidentally at the same time that the connection system was shifted away from IR. I think it's interesting to list all the known recognition codes, because it suggests where the different Deka versions could fit into the numbering (as well as potentially pointing at missing versions? 0 - V1 (Japan) 1 - Deka Plus (Japan) 2 - V1 (Europe, Asia-Pacific) 3 - Deka Plus (European English, unreleased) 4 - V1 (America) 5 - ??? 6 - Keitai 7 - ??? 8 - Hanerutchi 9 - ??? 10 - ??? 11 - Ouchi no Dekatama 12 - Akai 13 - ??? 14 - Entama 15 - ??? 16 - Uratama 17 - ??? 18 - Hanerutchi 2 19 - ??? 20 - ??? 21 - Tamasuku 22 - ??? 23 - Tamasuku 2 24 - ??? 25 - ??? 26 - ??? 27 - Tamafure 28 - V5 (Japan) 29 - ??? 30 - V5 (Asia-Pacific) 31 - ??? 32 - V5 (America) 33 - ??? 34 - V5 (Europe) 35 - ??? 36 - V5.5 (All regions) 37 - ??? 38 - ??? 39 - ??? 40 - +Color 41 - ??? 42 - Hexagontchi 43 - iD 44 - ??? 45 - ??? 46 - ??? 47 - ??? 48 - ??? 49 - iD Station 50 - iDL 51 - ??? 52 - ??? 53 - iDL (English) 54 - iDL (15th Anniversary) 55 - iDL (Princess Spacy) 56 - Tamagotchi P's Missing versions include the Kakeibo, the Shopping Center Deka, the Game Center Deka, the Tamatama Market Deka, the Royal Market Deka, the Gotchi King Deka, the (potentially cancelled?) JAL Deka, the Jukutama Deka, the Otokitchi Dating Station, the iD Spot, the Conan iD (definitely not happening any time soon LMAO), the Lovely Melody iD and the iDL Spot. I think some of the Data Carddass might actually have recognition codes of their own even if they didn't use normal Tamagotchi firmware - they did connect to some of these devices after all, though I can't find much documentation about them. There's also a few slightly unusual devices which could potentially use the same kind of version numbers? - Tamagotchi Resort (I've not heard much about this one, perhaps it was cancelled?) - Tamagotchi Music Fever - Tamagotchi School Championship (some sort of plug and play??) - Tamagotchi Restaurant (???) - That one Chamametchi thing (??????) Are there any other devices I might be missing? It seems to me like there's an awful lot of gaps.
  11. Did you at least get the filenames? It might be helpful to collect them to put in the spreadsheet since I don't think we have the names of all the Tamatown files just yet It is a shame, for sure, but if you managed to find all the files - albeit unrecoverable - then it gives some hope that other people that used the site on an old laptop that wasn't formatted could still have the files. I'm not sure if anything will come from my laptop but I'll update if I do find anything. Don't really have the time to use any recovery software or anything at the moment so don't expect them too soon though.
  12. So was it confirmed that your PC definitely had some trace of the Tamatown files left albeit corrupted? Or was there no sign of the data at all?
  13. I wasn't aware of this! Definitely interesting and worth investigating. I'd noticed the letter-number pairs on the battery doors too - no idea what they could mean at this point.
  14. Looking forward to it! And yeah, cgi files wouldn't have been cached - any attempts to cache or archive the files just results in receiving a text file containing the output of the function. Not very helpful. Interestingly patent documents confirm that the method to generate passwords that Binary discovered is indeed he method that was intended - the problem is that due to the existence of the username variable, passwords have an additional layer of encryption on the V3 and V4, and so figuring out any generation algorithm for them is significantly more difficult.
  15. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the revival there's no way to link the website with your device. Originally, the V3 version of Tamatown would give you a password for each item or souvenir you encounter. However, the passwords were generated using a common gateway interface file - in essence, this means it requested information from the Tamatown servers in order to generate the password. Since the servers were shut down and the password generation algorithm is not known, there is not yet any way for the V3 to interact with any revival project of Tamatown. Should the password generation algorithm be determined in the future this could potentially be a feature added to Tamatown revival projects, but the password system is immensely complicated and so it is highly unlikely to be cracked any time soon - especially as cracking it would first require being able to generate passwords using the site to begin with, which is obviously not feasible.