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  1. I think I'd already sent Binary a message by the time I wrote that paragraph. He's not particularly easy to contact. As I recall, he was around in a few old threads where people discussed how to download the character SWFs and I think some of the music too. To me, this would certainly suggest that there are some people out there who have some of the missing files saved to their old PCs, but I've not had any luck in actually locating or contacting any of these people.
  2. Here's some of the most exciting things I noticed within the video Unusual Shop Items - V2 5:29 - An unknown item using a V1 food sprite (for egg sushi) It's unclear if this is a glitch item or a totally unused but fully programmed one Glitch Items - V2 14:38 - "123456" Glitch Item 15:24 - Glitch Rice Item using unused sprite from the V1 17:09 - "456789" Glitch Item 18:05 - "123456" Glitch Item Glitch Food - V2 17:52 - "456789" Glitch Food Food in the Items Menu - V2 9:45 - ENERGY DRINK 10:05 - MUFFIN 10:21 - CHERRY 16:00 - CUPCAKE Other - V2 4:50 - Egg sprite glitch 5:49 - Some unusual food sprite glitches which may be of interest 6:52 - Unused Marutchi sprite leftover from the V1 7:08 - A glitch causes all of the sounds to slow down 10:50 - More interesting sprite glitches 13:29 - Very interesting glitched out shop including an unused V1 food sprite Unusual Shop Items - V3 20:06 - SUSHI as a shop item, even though it's normally only available as a permanent food 31:48 - CONE as a shop item, even though it's normally only available as a permanent food Glitch Items - V3 1:55 - "GEL" (HAIR GEL) Turns character into a baby (that acts like an adult?) and deletes items 22:33 - "86 0123456" 23:33 - "GEL" (HAIR GEL) Turns character into a baby and deletes items again, but this time also shows an unused ball bouncing animation carried over from the V2! 26:43 - "AGE"? (SAUSAGE?) 26:58 - "G CK" (BLDG BLCK) appears in the shop - this one is also one of the glitch souvenirs Glitch Food - V3 3:23 - "86 0123456" Glitch animation with CHERRY sprites Food in the Items Menu - V3 20:39 - SODA It works the same as the SODA item on the V2! Presumably this is leftover data from the V2. 21:27 - YOGURT Makes the animations very slow, with the top half of the screen desynced from the bottom half 28:02 - YOGURT 28:21 - CORN Other - V3 19:58 - This seems to be an unused menu! It looks a bit like the secret item "TRY IT!" screen 25:07 - It attempts to show the teeth brushing sprites for Teletchi (because it thinks Teletchi is an adult), which do not exist, and instead unused Petitchi sprites from the V2 are shown instead! 25:19 - Teletchi uses the WIG item
  3. In case anyone was wondering where I am with this, some life things came up which have taken a lot of my focus away from Tamagotchi research for the time being (it's nothing serious or negative, just some exciting research in a different field!) That said, I did buy a whole bunch of equipment for checking out my old cache files for lost Tamatown files, so when I get around to using those I'll document my process. And yes, the post about the V6/7 Tamatown will come at some point, I've not forgotten Speak soon, Tama fans.
  4. That's likely not an issue of the revival, though, considering others have had it work with no complaints. The most likely issue, I would speculate, is that your device just doesn't support it. Regardless, that's something that should be taken up with the creator of the recreation rather than here.
  5. Well, yes, that's why a recreation was produced. The WayBack variant of Dream Town won't work due to the servers being taken down, but the revival will.
  6. I won't really be focusing on Dream Town in this thread because it's not really my thing. That said, Silica made a full recreation a while back because a lot of the relevant files were saved.
  7. I think the most that most people will be able to do is spread awareness! A lot of these files, I think, will be found through checking old internet caches, so hopefully spreading awareness will help find more people who once played Tamatown and are willing to look through their old caches. Thank you!
  8. Thank you! --- I had intended on doing more frequent updates on this post, but something else in my life kind of got in the way of that. Regardless, I've got some details planned for a future post on the V6/7 Tamatown which I'm sure people will find interesting. I've also bought some equipment to use in transferring data from old machines etc in order to look for cached Tamatown files, though I've not been able to gain access to those old machines yet. I'll update whenever I get a chance to look for those files.
  9. That won't be necessary, as I've said the links are only a small part of this as the main purpose of this thread is for me to log the archived files, post my findings and inform others of how they can do the same.
  10. Okay, I'll be making a few edits to ensure the Tamatown versions aren't being mixed. Just to be clear, only the V3/4 Tamatowns shared files with eachother - V5, V6/7 and V8/9 (Dream Town) were all entirely different entities. ----- Anyway, it probably won't need saying but I'll just remind everyone that while collecting some videos of the website will be really useful for seeing its full functionality, the goal of this project is first and foremost to recover the lost files. So I'm hoping it doesn't get too derailed by other goals
  11. Anywhere you want - a google doc would be a good idea, but honestly you can just post them here if you want.
  12. The "Where do we go from here?" section of the post above lists the main things that can be done to help. If you never used Tamatown while it was active, though, there's not much that can be done. Though perhaps building up links to videos on Tamatown would be a good idea - it's actually incredibly hard to find videos of the V3 Tamatown for example. Mainly though, I want to approach this topic with the goal of recovering those Tamatown files.
  13. For a few months now I've been working on projects outside of Tamagotchi and so I haven't really been thinking about Tamagotchi a great deal. One thing that always pulls me back, though? Tamatown. Cracking passwords was so 2019. Let's take a look at what made Tamatown what it was, and where it is today. For the purposes of this post I'll mainly be covering the V3/4 Tamatowns since that's where most is lost, but I will be covering other Tamatown variants in upcoming posts. I'm sure I don't really need to introduce Tamatown to many of the users here, but perhaps it would be worth some context regardless. What was Tamatown? Tamatown was an online Flash game first launched in 2006 alongside the Tamagotchi Connection V3. Future Tamagotchi versions would also get their own respective "Tamatowns", with the V4 version being an updated variant of the V3 Tamatown, the V5 Tamatown being an entirely different game called the "Tama and Earth Expo" and the Music Star Tamatown being a mass-multiplayer online game called Music City. Music City later got renamed to "Tamatown" once again upon the release of the Tamatown Tama-Go. The Japanese versions also received their own versions of Tamatown. The Entama, released in 2005, had a game similar to Tamatown V3 often called e-Tamago. The Uratama had a variant of this website called "Uratamatown", and the Tamasuku had its own online world, too. Many of the games on the international sites were translations of games from the Japanese site. What happened to Tamatown? Beginning in 2012, the Tamatown servers started to faulter and die. People found that the website had been down for months with apparently no recovery in sight. This was confirmed to be the case in February 2013 when it was officially confirmed that all versions of Tamatown would be going down for good. The only remnant of Tamatown that was left was a game on new.tamatown.com replacing Music City - a language selection screen. Selecting English or Spanish would take you to the shutdown page, while clicking Portuguese would... uh, take you to a Portuguese translation of one of the games. I don't know why. I'm assuming the Tama-Go still had a market presence in Brazil or something. The V3 and V4 Tamatowns actually stayed up for quite a bit longer in Europe. They would eventually shut down on the European website some time in June - July 2013. That extra time allowed some of the files to be archived... but not many. Where was Tamatown? This might seem like a silly question. Clearly, Tamatown was found on tamatown.com, right? Curiously, there were actually multiple different domains that Tamatown occupied, and all of them have to be checked in order to comprehensively search for the files. European regions used www.tamagotchieurope.com, but the truth is that there was actually a second address - www.tamagotchi.eu. If you go to that address now - as of writing this post - you still get the thank you message that was left behind when the site shut down. The US is a slightly more complicated case: The site originally started at both www.tamatown.com and www.tamagotchitown.com When the V4 came along the two Tamatown versions were split off into v3.tamatown.com and v4.tamatown.com The V6/7 Tamatown used the amusing address new.tamatown.com After it shutdown, what was left was moved to bandai.com/tamagotchi/new Being an international version, the V5 Tamatown was stored at a different address, too. What remains of Tamatown? Sadly, not a lot. Here's a list of the most important Tamatown files (swf and mp3) for which we have some archived record of on the Wayback Machine, for the V3/4 Tamatowns: File Version Language Notes Archive Link tama_shell.swf V3 US Loader. Earlier version. Link Later version. Link Low bandwidth version. Link DE Link intro.swf V3 US Intro sequence. Link Low bandwidth version. Link DE Link town.swf V3 US Location. Link DE Location. Link mall.swf V3 DE Location. Link toys.swf V3 DE Location. Link music.swf V3 DE Location. Link tama_island.swf V3 SP Link vote_off.swf V3 SP Link parents.swf V3 US Location. Link Low bandwidth version. Link grandparents.swf V3 US Location. Link Low bandwidth version. Link king.swf V3 US Location. Link Low bandwidth version. Link tama_shell.swf V4 US Loader. Earlier version. Link Later version. Link UK Link DE Link HE Link intro.swf V4 US Intro sequence. Link UK Link HE Link town.swf V4 UK Location. Link HE Link song1.mp3 V3/4 - Main Tamatown theme. Link mall.mp3 V3/4 - Mall music. Link A few of these files are actually available in multiple versions! Some might be identical though, I've not fully checked yet. I do know for a fact that the Tamatown theme uses an identical file across both versions of the site so I'm assuming the rest of the audio files do too. These files were recovered across several different variants of the site so it's a bit patchwork in places. If one were to reconstruct Tamatown as several have done in the past, they'd find that one minute everything is in English and the next minute they're in a German shopping mall. And entering the clothes shop is strictly forbidden.A few of these files are It should be noted that the Japanese sites, including the V5 website, are significantly better archived to the extent that they can be almost entirely recovered. Some of the games are close matches for the English games, too. What is lost? A lot. A lot. So much. Once again, the known lost files (of which there may actually be more unknown ones too) for the V3/4 Tamatowns - brace yourselves: File Version Notes clothing.swf V3 Unknown V3 A game referred to as "suitcasegame" in the shell swf, may be part of clothing.swf racegame.swf V3 arcade.swf V3 Unknown V3 The claw game in the arcade. Referred to as "clawGame" in the shell swf. Unknown V3 The ring toss game in the arcade. Referred to as "ringtossGame" in the shell swf. Unknown V3 The race game in the arcade. Referred to as "japanracegame" in the shell swf. foodcourt.swf V3 school.swf V3 theatre.swf V3 Unknown V3 Movie 1. Unknown V3 Movie 2. Unknown V3 Movie 3. townhall.swf V3 travel.swf V3 Unknown V3 A game referred to as "namethattuneGame" in the shell swf, unknown location Unknown V3 A game referred to as "tamasaysgame" in the shell swf, unknown location mall.swf V4 clothing.swf V4 Unknown V4 A game referred to as "suitcasegame" in the shell swf, may be part of clothing.swf toys.swf V4 Unknown V4 Slot game in the toy store. racegame.swf V4 music.swf V4 arcade.swf V4 Unknown V4 The claw game in the arcade. Referred to as "clawGame" in the shell swf. Unknown V4 The ring toss game in the arcade. Referred to as "ringtossGame" in the shell swf. Unknown V4 The race game in the arcade. Referred to as "japanracegame" in the shell swf. Unknown V4 The darts game in the arcade. Unknown V4 The football game in the arcade. foodcourt.swf V4 Unknown V4 The burger game in the food court. Unknown V4 The pizza game in the food court. school.swf V4 Unknown V4 The calendar center in the school. theatre.swf V4 Unknown V4 Movie 1. Unknown V4 Movie 2. townhall.swf V4 Unknown V4 Town Hall game. travel.swf V4 parents.swf V4 grandparents.swf V4 king.swf V4 office.swf V4 Unknown V4 Office second room, may be part of office.swf bank.swf V4 Unknown V4 Bank game. postoffice.swf V4 Unknown V4 Post office game. preschool.swf V4 Unknown V4 Dance game in the preschool. hospital.swf V4 Unknown V4 Waiting room game in the hospital. station.swf V4 Unknown V4 Mame city. Unknown V4 Hardware store in Mame city. Unknown V4 Mame work building. Unknown V4 Work building game, not sure if it's part of the above swf. Unknown V4 Guruguru town. Unknown V4 Convenience store in Guruguru town. Unknown V4 Meme work building. Unknown V4 Work building game, not sure if it even exists. Unknown V4 Patchi forest. Unknown V4 Gym in Patchi forest. Unknown V4 Kuchi work building. Unknown V4 Work building game, not sure if it's part of the above swf. ending.swf V4 Logout animation. grandparents.mp3 V3/4 king.mp3 V3/4 foodcourt.mp3 V3/4 Music that plays in the food court. school.mp3 V3/4 Music that plays in the school. townhall.mp3 V3/4 Music that plays in the town hall. arcade.mp3 V3/4 Music that plays in the arcade. travel.mp3 V3/4 Music that plays in the travel centre. theatre.mp3 V3/4 Music that plays in the theatre. This may not even be all the lost files. I've only listed files that were known to exist here. There is almost certainly more. The ones marked in purple are files that I'm not even sure existed in the first place since there's far too little that is still known. On top of these there's a tonne of lost character swfs that would've been used to display different characters. I won't list them here because there's hundreds of them spanning across each Tamatown version. There's also a countless number of versions for each swf file - updates, alternate language versions, low bandwidth versions and the like. What about those Tamatown revivals? Some confusion I've seen with regard to Tamatown is the extent to which they can be "revived". Certainly, there's been attempts at reviving the site in the past, and some of them were pretty good - what people often misunderstand, though, is that none of these revivals were able to recover anything that was already lost. Tama-Palace in particular wrote several articles hyping up loociano's revival as though it'd only be a matter of weeks before Tamatown was completely up any running again, but the fact of the matter was that the only files he was hosting were ones that had already been archived. There has been some luck in replacing the lost games with ones from the Japanese sites but... they're not exactly the same? There's missing music, missing functionality and a number of locations were never on the Japanese sites. Essentially, attempting to truly revive Tamatown would mean finding a way to recover the lost files. Where do we go from here? I think there's three main approaches that we can take to archiving the history of Tamatown, and none of them are going to be particularly easy. Web archives All the Tamatown files from the domains I mentioned above have been covered, and as far as I know, there aren't any more. If other archiving sites were around back then and they've made their own archives, then we may get lucky, but as far as I can tell the only archives that exist are the ones we're aware of. Essentially, I wouldn't waste time looking for more archived files online. They just aren't out there. Saved files One obvious way to approach the matter is just to find people that actually saved some of the Tamatown files. Problem is, not only are these people already few and far between, but they would've saved them on computers they owned around a decade ago if not longer - computers that may not even exist anymore, let alone work - and these people are most likely not into Tamagotchi anymore, and certainly aren't lurking on a forum site they might have considered frequenting 14 years ago. What is known, though, is that there are people who downloaded some of the files. While I'm not so sure how many people would've downloaded the swf files, there certainly was discussion about some of the character swfs from later Tamatown variants and also how to download the music from the site. It is entirely possible that a good number of people would have done that back in the day, so if anyone reading this post just happened to have downloaded any of the music files from that era (or, indeed, the swfs) then perhaps you might want to seek out those files. Cached files A last ditch effort which I've heard might be effective is looking in old PC cache data to find the missing files. Some versions of Internet Explorer had a habit of not clearing their "Temporary Internet Files" folder so it would get crammed full of junk from tonnes of websites. Allegedly swf and mp3 files were amongst those that would've been cached. Making life a little bit harder, these files wouldn't have been named correctly (and likely had seemingly random filenames) and may have even had their file extensions totally removed, too. I wasn't aware of this when I looked through an old PC for these files before, so I may just have to look again. In essence? One potential solution would be to dig out an old PC that used Internet Explorer to access the website a number of times, find the Temporary Internet Files folder (I may provide a better tutorial of how to do this in the future because I recall guides online not being all that helpful, you may have to go to the folder directly instead of by moving through different folders. I think there may be multiple folders with this name, too.), copy its content elsewhere and try changing the extensions of extensionless files to mp3 or swf to see how programs that can run these file formats interact with them and determining if any are the lost Tamatown files. What exactly is my point in posting this? I don't know, something between heightening awareness and calling to action, I suppose. I truly believe it's possible to recover at least some of the lost files, so I think broadening the range of people that know how to help can only be a positive thing. I'll continue to post updates and findings as they come and - in the event I do find anything - I will of course be archiving the materials and putting it all here. If anyone would like to help in this endeavour - even if it ends up being fruitless - sharing it with other people that used Tamatown during its height would be extremely helpful. And if you're a bit techy and still own any of those old PCs you once played Tamatown on, then hopefully I've given you something to do whilst bored in lockdown
  14. It's been a while since the item password algorithm was cracked and I'm not actively working on cracking the other password types at the moment but thanks anyway ----- Actually, on that note, it's probably worth saying that while I'm not currently working on them, I do intend on cracking the other password varieties in the future, especially the Music Star (which had proven to be very tricky to crack). There's still so much to learn
  15. Ahh, that's awesome! I think there's a few more glitch souvenir sprites that I've not had the time to personally try out myself, as I recall, so they might be an addition for the future. And yeah, I think there must still be a bit of a mystery surrounding the ticket items and souvenirs. I'm wondering if it depends on the ROM version of the device the passwords are entered into?