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  1. thank you but i was wondering how to get the twins when the tama dies and there would be a special code i could use..but i guess that was a just myth..
  2. hi i am wondering if there is a code 4 tamagotchi V4. cuz my tama died and i wanted twins...is there a code some1 can tell me??
  3. thank you 4 all the help!!! Now i know what they are 4!!
  4. what are the souviniers for? they dont do much.. because if you choose B they dont do anything like the items do.. so i was wondering what they do.
  5. thank you so much guys!! i love all the help i got!! thank you!!!
  6. can you tell me where the REAL quiz is please?
  7. i think you should wait till your tama turns into a teen and then you would get the (!) 2 go 2 school. then after you turn into the adult, you get another (!) to go to work. so you have a while.
  8. ok!! i found it!! i already have a avatar now!!!! thanx!!
  9. ok! thank you for all the information guys!! i appreciate it ALOT!!!
  10. hi. i wanted to know if the matchmaker can come when you are an oldie. cuz i wanted an oldie, but at the same time can it marry?? i dont want my tama t die!!
  11. thank you SO much for replying, but i didnt find anything!!
  12. it usually takes 24 hours. like, when you first get the baby, the parent will take care of it the next day. then that night it will leave.
  13. well it can turn into young mimitchi, young memetchi young dorotchi, ojyotchi ringotchi ichiotchi nikatchi hawaikotchi mimitchi ponytchi pukitchi pyonkotchi maidtchi memetchi sebiretchi hanatchi marotchi violetchi yattatchi masktchi and makiko if you have ALOT of flower points!!