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  1. L This is sort of SPAM don't you think?
  2. ya, did you know they just stretched the pictures, ... chh... stupids!
  3. I LOVE GOOGLES!!! They r so cute! Just post anything about googles! YAY!!!!! GO GO GOOGLES!!! I cant WAIT to get the pink google!!!! YAAAAAA!!! My Googles' name is Noodles! I want to get more Googles but my mom says one google is enough... Noodles is white BTW...
  4. Q: how do u know? well, we don't have really good proof. Email Ganz. Or get this podcast called Webkinz Webcast. REALLY good podcast:)
  5. OMG?!?! Are you like from Mars or something? Webkinz r so much better than stupid shining stars. Besides... shining stars are like... a stupid remake of WEbkinz. Webkinz ROCK! ROCK THE WORLD WEBBIES!!!!! BTW, Tamagotchis are kind of getting old... I mean... poop, clean, hungry, feed, bored, play. I mean, it gets OLD!!!! Plus Webkinz are portable! I take them everywhere with me!! Sheesh... weirdos!!!
  6. No dip sherlock! When didja figure that out?
  7. I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT! THANKS FOR... wait... you didn't help me at all! Well... I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The song is called 1 2 3 4 by the Paris Singers!!!!! EDITED: Please don't spam. :/ -TW/P*
  8. Ok ok! I found the song but I still don't know what it's called! It's on the iPod nano commercial. to listen to it!Thanks!!!!!!! :-)
  9. I said I don't know the lyrics! Please, 20 views and only one reply!!! I can't believe it! I don't know why they call it "tamaTALK" if nobody's talking... STUPID! PLEASE HELP! *Edited* by the way, it's not unlove you.
  10. Just like the title says...THere is a a song i love but i don't know the title or lyrics!!!! Please help... THe song is fairly popular. I heard it at many stores around March. THe chorus sounds like "Old Tomato!" But I know it;s not that... Please! The song is sung by a woman and its kind of pop/alternative. PLEASE! I LOVE this song SO SO SO MUCH! I BEG YOU! PLEASE FIND THIS SONG! I've googled it and tried everything! PLEASE HELP! thanks
  11. ok, your confusing me! Can I make my own person in my brother's town or can i not?
  12. Oh, so it's kind of like files but a little different? Because when I was reading the instructions, it said something about moving and four people and stuff like that... so I really CAN MAKE MY OWN PERSON?! YA!!!!!!