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  1. L This is sort of SPAM don't you think?
  2. ya, did you know they just stretched the pictures, ... chh... stupids!
  3. I LOVE GOOGLES!!! They r so cute! Just post anything about googles! YAY!!!!! GO GO GOOGLES!!! I cant WAIT to get the pink google!!!! YAAAAAA!!! My Googles' name is Noodles! I want to get more Googles but my mom says one google is enough... Noodles is white BTW...
  4. Q: how do u know? well, we don't have really good proof. Email Ganz. Or get this podcast called Webkinz Webcast. REALLY good podcast:)
  5. OMG?!?! Are you like from Mars or something? Webkinz r so much better than stupid shining stars. Besides... shining stars are like... a stupid remake of WEbkinz. Webkinz ROCK! ROCK THE WORLD WEBBIES!!!!! BTW, Tamagotchis are kind of getting old... I mean... poop, clean, hungry, feed, bored, play. I mean, it gets OLD!!!! Plus Webkinz are portable! I take them everywhere with me!! Sheesh... weirdos!!!
  6. No dip sherlock! When didja figure that out?
  7. I FOUND IT! I FOUND IT! THANKS FOR... wait... you didn't help me at all! Well... I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The song is called 1 2 3 4 by the Paris Singers!!!!! EDITED: Please don't spam. :/ -TW/P*
  8. Ok ok! I found the song but I still don't know what it's called! It's on the iPod nano commercial. to listen to it!Thanks!!!!!!! :-)
  9. I said I don't know the lyrics! Please, 20 views and only one reply!!! I can't believe it! I don't know why they call it "tamaTALK" if nobody's talking... STUPID! PLEASE HELP! *Edited* by the way, it's not unlove you.
  10. Just like the title says...THere is a a song i love but i don't know the title or lyrics!!!! Please help... THe song is fairly popular. I heard it at many stores around March. THe chorus sounds like "Old Tomato!" But I know it;s not that... Please! The song is sung by a woman and its kind of pop/alternative. PLEASE! I LOVE this song SO SO SO MUCH! I BEG YOU! PLEASE FIND THIS SONG! I've googled it and tried everything! PLEASE HELP! thanks
  11. ok, your confusing me! Can I make my own person in my brother's town or can i not?
  12. Oh, so it's kind of like files but a little different? Because when I was reading the instructions, it said something about moving and four people and stuff like that... so I really CAN MAKE MY OWN PERSON?! YA!!!!!!
  13. Blech! I throw 20 million pounds worth of raw hamburger. HA!!
  14. Hey, I'm NOT a couch potato! I don't sit around playing video games all day! If you think I need to get better or whatever your wrong! I don't want to! PLus Animal Crossing is easier because you don't have to marry people and there's always something to do, smarty-pants!
  15. I've heard of it but I've never sen it or played it.
  16. Well, this has never happened to me before, or my brother or sister. But one time my brother dropped his DS in the kitchen, and the next day it snapped in half! HAs your sister dropped her DS before? If so, you might have to call someone to get it fixed, and you can get a discount if you say you didn't drop it or break it somehow. Hope I helped!
  17. When I do this, will it delete his character and all that other stuff?
  18. Nintendogs does get a little boring, but when your in the mood it's fun!! The dogs seem so real! Also I really like Zoo Tycoon! It's my favorite game, you make the zoo and all this stuff. Animal Crossing is really good too, BUT WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT GET HARVEST MOON!!! I got it and I hate it! It's impossible to do ANYTHING!!! Unless your a champ at video games do NOT get Harvest Moon!!! Both Tamagotchi Corner Shops are fun!
  19. I wanted the game so baaaad for my DS, and when I got it I'm like, "THIS IS A RIP OFF!!!!!" I can't marry anyone or become friends, an I often find my self bored. Animal Crossing is far better. I can't keep my chickens alive or buy any more sheds because I CAN'T GET ANY MONEY!!! Just thinking about that game puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day!
  20. My brother has Animal Crossing For his DS and I really like it. He lets me play it and I really want my own game! But the question is DO I need my own game, or can I make a file on my brother's without deleting his? So, please help me! I'd rather spend my money and Webkinz, and I still don't know if I'd play the game much. So can I make a file on my brother's without deleting his game? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
  21. There's this song and the lyrics sound like "Old tomato." There is a girl singing and this song was on an I-pod commercial. PLEASE help me, I love this song and I don't know what it's called!!!