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  1. they have the minis and the best friends pack at my local target.
  2. You van't pause a keitai like you can an american tama, but if your going to leave it for a long period of time you can go to the clock, and press a and c like you're going to change the time.
  3. for those of you who don't know, the tama mini is a very very VERY small tama that only has a few of the functions. And they can't connect. And where did you get your's Memyselfandi1987? o.o
  4. well.....that picture comes on the screen when the battery needs to be changed.....but it shouldn't do that right away.......mabey your's has a glitch?
  5. yes, in japan there is the akai tamagotchi, but it isn't the same as a "V3" if bandai did release a v3 it would most likely be different. You see, in japan they've had different tama's released all along... first, they had the tamagotchi plus (pretty much the same thing as a conection V1) then, they got the keitai, which is different from a V2. now, they have the akai tamagotchi, but it's not a "v3" and before that, back in the 90's, they had a bunch released that were never released here.
  6. cool! i know where i could get that game! ^_____^
  7. as the others have said, i do'nt think you've done any hacking......
  8. chibi is a word for "small" or "Mini" in Japanese
  9. Red? why couldnt they pick a better color?
  10. i rather like maskchi.......and if people that dont like them get them than they should'nt take bad care of thier tamagotchi.......
  12. for all you people that are saying "i dont think they are out here yet" they are'nt out anywere but Japan. Bandai will release them in US but i think they said in the fall?