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    -To be continued. <br><br><br><br>I painted it black. I took it back.<br><br><br><br>I believe... I... I think I feel that I should say something. <br>Je suis malade dans la tete.<br>From the order of my brain <br>To the government of your heart,<br>Stock meetings commense, May we begin, <br>But really, really, It's all a game of cards...<br>The devil dresses in Armani suits, <br>Sweetie, did you know that?<br>He's dressed in his best, <br>Dressed for success, <br>Dressed in his best lies!<br>Did you know, did you know, <br>Stars crash when they see your face? <br>Did you know, did you know, <br>We're all in a different place? <br>I heard, <br>I heard, <br>I read in the paper, <br>The moon hung himself the other day.<br>He hung himself over Chicago right now... <br>And over us he stays.<br>Yes, he'll be keeping our company for while,<br>Right now, I think we should dance, <br>I think we should dance,<br>Forever,,<br>Forever. <br>So, I don't blame you for not remembering, <br>But we've been gone quite a while.<br>I've got to say, the ride's been fast.<br>I hardly saw Vienna pass.<br>Yes, I hardly saw Chicago pass.<br>This isn't really me, for one.<br>I'm sitting in a car speeding,<br>The sun's too bright in my eyes.<br>You ever been to Baltimore?<br>I was once, with a friend.<br>We stayed in his apartment <br>And had tea and stared at cars passing under us.<br>You ever been to Baltimore?<br>I don't remember his name.<br>And I don't blame him for not remebering mine.<br>I HAVE been gone for quite a while.<br>It seems, though, that time moves fast,<br>I hardly saw the faces pass.<br>You ever been to Chicago?<br>The Spirit,<br>The Light,<br>The Hope,<br>The Bird,<br>The Wind,<br>Yes, I was there,<br>So were you, <br>But we never crossed.<br>But I know you danced,<br>The wind told me.<br>The wind sang it to me.<br>The spirit called me. <br>I heard her.<br>The hope helped me.<br>She whispered. It was going to be okay,<br>She said.<br>The light guided me.<br>It cast my shadows up against the wall.<br>I saw myself.<br>The bird sang to us,<br>As the ghost of you danced,<br>Silently in the night sky,<br>Do you remember?<br>Hey, hey<br>Look at the moon sway,<br>He looks a bit drunk tonight.<br>But hey, hey,<br>That's okay.<br>We're in the past, Tonight,<br>Tonight.

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  1. blue♣slip


    She lit a fire that went through her, So that she could forget She lit a fire that ripped through her, Till there was nothing left, She set fire to the city, A fire so she could be free, she set fire to the city, That burned till it was empty, And then she threw herself from the window, But only because she knew I would follow, She laughed as I fell and I slipped away, She laughed as I fell, and I could't say- She she lit a fire where my heart should be, Until it burned up and ripped through me, And she lit a fire where my heart should be, Until she was sure that I was empty, And we waited every night, Where her heart should be, And we waited every night, And it never came, never came, And we waited every night, Where her heart should be, And we waited every night, And we were always alone. And she threw herself out of the window, But only because she knew I'd follow, She laughed and I fell and I slipped away, She laughed as I fell and I burned awayx Butyeah. Recently, I was upset. It was written as a result. Truthfully, I don't think it's very good. T,hat's what happens, though, writing when upset. I dunno how I feel, exactly. 'Morbid. Ha. Doing this, I think I wanna post another later. Everything that isn't nothing. And am I making sense? Definately not. ;;Feedback?
  2. 8/1o And Songo I love yours too @3@ [And mine's from a piture I took at a fair;; xxx]
  3. I like the little vanilla bottles you can buy at Publix.
  4. It doesn't matter of what gender someone is. It's hard to talk to everyone.
  5. Depression and attention-seeking are two different things. People don't seem to get that.
  6. Pheobe, Alex is twelve. But thirteen in nine days. Or on the 19th, of April. Whichever.
  7. I'm always very, very cold. 94 as an average. usually less. Also, I love Sarah.
  8. I did the vitamin thing too xD I love them @3@
  9. Sounds like it's all your fault. I guess I'm just blunt that way. How do you get mad at a band director? And posting something like that on myspace was terribly stupid. It's kind of a given that he would find it. By the way, you're just a student. But this is screwed up. He's your teacher. You should respect him. Not post things on the internet about him.