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  1. I get off the laptop and go to bed at 2 am. I like sleep.
  2. I love Harvest Moon ahhh. I have so many of the games I can't even remember the names for some of them o3o I haven't played in a while though. Kai and Kurt were my favorite husbands haha.
  3. All I do in the summer is sit in my room and watch south park.

  4. I loved all the cartoons and stuff but later in my childhood DRAKE AND JOSH! Ahhh that will always be one of my favorite shows I still watch it almost every day.
  5. Oh what the. They look so bishie though. Pffffffft I think I'll look through my stuff and see if I can find this game again Now that I look they're not that bad except for the first one and the one with the blue around its eye gah
  6. Super Junior was my first favorite and is still my favorite ahhh I cried both times I saw them live ;w; I also like B1A4, 2PM, and SHINee.
  7. Oh. My friend tricked me into getting this game a while ago but yeah I am so afraid of birds that I nearly threw up lol.
  8. I've improved a lot since the last time I posted ha Here is something I am currently working on, it's big so I'll put it under spoiler:
  9. Happy Bday =)

  10. The male protagonist of Persona 3. I named mine Evan, but I like his official name Minato. And Richard and Hubert from Tales of Graces recently.
  11. Spring break in Vegas! ;)

  12. There are certain restaurants around CA that I LOVE going to : ) My favorite Korean bbq place is called Mr. Lee's. And the best shabu shabu place is Jazz Cat. It's also one of the weirdest restaurants lol. For sushi my favorites are Yomama Sushi and Kanpai. For fast food my absolute favorite is L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. ...I enjoy eating at restaurants x)