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  1. that was cool what u did with ur signature, so im gonna support u 2. hope u hav a successfully popular penguin! :)

  2. (This may be something that everyone in the entire world already knows, but I tend to be a little slow in that category) There is indeed a way to figure out when the princess will come. If you open the little pause tab at the bottom left corner of the screen a little menu will pop out. Click on "status". There you can find out how many customers you've had, how much "Gotchi" you have earned, and what your reputation is. Now your reptation is based on how many smiley face thingys you have won(obviously). To get the princess to come to upgrade your shop when you have a putchi shop, A.K.A. the first level, you must obtain 15 smileys. Then the princess will come. But if you were running the Burger Shop for instance, she would appear at the back of the line once you have gotton 15 smiley. She will obviously not fall from the sky and land at the front of the line. She waits like a normal Tama, for her turn. Anywho, to upgrade from Metchi (2nd level) to gotchi (3rd level) you must get 45 smileys, and from Gotchi (3rd level) to Royal (final upgrade) you must get 90. In other words, First get 15, then get 45, then get 90. I hope I have helped! (And am not making a fool out of myself by stating the obvious)
  3. Thanks! I accually accidentally figured that one out once.
  4. Can you get a pure with a one of the ninja people?
  5. I stink at the polish and sparkle game! I cannot seem to beat it. You are amazing if you think it is easy!
  6. I am always trying not to get the ninja family, you get the ninja family if you don't take care of your tama well enough. It is so annoying, that is the only family I have ever goten, Do I have some sort of problem?
  7. I have a v4.5 and a v5 and I want some tips or tricks about caring for it or getting money or getting high bondage points. Can you guys help me out? I don't care what the tip is, I just wanna hear it. P.S. I won't say anything about me not liking something. Please and Thank you!
  8. OMGOSH! The same EXACT thing happened to me! Creepy.
  9. cool. Thanks for sharing that house idea! You guys kkeep getting better and better!
  10. Thanks so much for the info binary! But I have one question, How did you find that info?
  11. Hello everyone! 1tama8000 here. Yesterday I got a tamagotchi v5! There was only, like, 4 left. Anyway, I want some info. Does the v5 have passwords like the other ones do? I would like to know. Also, if you know anything cool about them feel free to tell me! Thanks!
  12. yea. Tamadude is right. this happens to me all the time. And also, it's not a jack-in-the-box. He gave him a present with a snake in it.
  13. "I have one more question, do tamas have to have gone to school to get a job offer or can they get a job no matter what?" -mametchigirl97 No. I do not think so. "My tamagotchi evolved into a teenager but never got an offer for school and it was awake for almost the whole day.Now my tama is 3 years old and is an adult (a memetchi) but it still won't go to school ...... will my tama get a job?" -mametchigirl97 I really all depends how long it has been an adult. I takes about 24 hours for it to get a job offer. If it has been an adult for more than that then I am beat. Hope I helped!