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  1. Who I Am - Nick Jonas & The Administration.
  2. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie.
  3. -----> The Truth Is a Terrible Thing..Seriously, it is. OH YEAH, I remember now You Me At Six song with the Seriously it is part, from my friends facebook status, which I copyed and pasted, for no reason in particular...
  4. Nick Jonas sung Fireflies at his Nick Jonas and The Administration concerts, well thats why almost everyone in our school year loves the song now. They're okay, not the best, not the worst..
  5. If I Were In Your Shoes - You Me At Six.
  6. Well it was Cave In by Owl City but now it's Fireflies..x)
  7. Just stopped snowing. I hope it dosnt start again >_< But yeah. It's cold, freezing, icy, everything that describes cold.