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    Tamagotchi, gymnastics, Anime (including Inuyasha, Utena, Rayearth, Evangelion, Weiss Kreuz, Perfect Blue, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Fushigi Yugi, Chobits and Record of Lodoss War) Love drawing anime too...espcially while I'm supposed to be working. I also like Bionicle, Harry Potter, LOTR, all kinds of music...I admit I like both the Moody Blues and Metallica. Musicals I like are Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof, Carousel, Les Miserables... I also like reading about random stuff from peak oil to the nutritional content in tuna. And I love a good vacation to Canada...(I want to move there someday).

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  1. Lucky for me, the robber came to steal my money minutes AFTER I bought a piano...but only took 900 anyway. 70,000? Wow...that seems a bit much, considering a piano is only 28,000
  2. Any company that claims they are selling tamagotchi would be sued by bandai faster than I could post in this topic. Luckily, they're smart enough to call them "Virtual Pets", "Digital Pets", or "Tamagotchi-like toy". If those kind of companies weren't around to sell cheap ripoffs, Bandai could and most likely would charge a little more for theirs.
  3. I've had 4 adults so far: Baby girl - Mizutamatchi - Young Memetchi - Memetchi Excellent care, played a lot of dance and mimic. Skills were 82/102/56. Baby girl - Harutchi - Ringotchi - Mimitchi Excellent care, I can't remember the exact skills but she had high social and intelligence (pencil and flower) 2nd generation baby boy (from the Memetchi and a Tarakotchi the matchmaker brought) Mizutamatchi - Hinotamatchi - Tosakatchi Average care- I didn't praised it and it got sick a few times but spent the majority of time with all hearts full. Skills were 100/32/52 2nd generation baby girl (from Mimitchi and a Shimashimatchi the matchmaker brought) Petitchi - Young memetchi - Memetchi Excellent care. High arts and intelligence. 3rd generation baby boy (Memetchi and Tosakatchi) Mohitamatchi - Young Robotchi - Mametchi Not perfect care, maybe I over did it on the games to make up for it...I was bored that week. It had high intelligence and fairly high arts. 3rd generation baby boy (same parents) Harutchi - Hinotamatchi - Tosakatchi Followed the same growth pattern as his father save the toddler stage. Average skill points, intelligence slightly higher.
  4. My first one was a fashion designer...the game is to keep selecting as many shirts/pants/hats in the amount of time given to keep going. Just like the teacher game badwallaby was talking about only different symbols. My stats were (at 5 years old): Pencil: 81 Star: 102 Flower: 40 I had another tama that was a firefighter, that's probably my favorite game. The stats were 70/24/52
  5. Wow I never saw marumimitchi do that, my kutchipatchi did once. It's so cute, but makes me feel like I've been evil or something
  6. I stopped playing for about a month, was gonna start again soon but now I'm too excited about getting a V3
  7. Could be anything...I never imagined my tama having a credit card . I voted microchip just because it'd fit well with the digital pet theme.
  8. If you take good care of it, it won't ever die but will leave a baby behind for you to take care of after it's found a mate. (usually takes a little over a week after you start it up). If you reject all the mates it will grow into an oldie and could potentially live for a very, very long time.
  9. One of mine does that but only because it's debugged. Don't know how it happened with yours if it isn't...maybe the right kind of dirt or dust got into a crevice inside your tama...it could happen. I like that trick tho...especially if I know when it's going to transform and I don't want to wait those last few minutes or something
  10. I'm very sure you haven't blown your chances...I got a mimitchi once even though it's hungry meter went to zero three times. But to get it after that happens, you'll have to give it A LOT of attention, like even when it doesn't need it play games with it...the extra credit really helps Also as a side note...if your teen is a hinatchi, ichigotchi or young mimitchi you definitely have a chance. If it's propellertchi or hinotamatchi I can't see it happening near as easily.
  11. Interesting poll Tho I've never had a problem with it being slow so I don't click it
  12. Jump until it's an adult, then slots all the way
  13. UFOtchi's not an adult, but you should get an adult in a couple days. But isn't UFOtchi cute? Love it! Edit: Ah...I see where people keep getting the idea it's an adult. That character guide needs to be fixed...Propellertchi is a teen too
  14. so who started their tama? ----- (Generation 9: Neffy) baby boy > marutchi
  15. And it's name was Urutchi, Urutchi, Urutchi And it's name was Urutchi just like the sheep we know...