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    I have one V3, one V4, three V4.5, one V5. <br>I am 11. I like video games. I have a PS2.<br>I have a boyfriend, named Zach. I am in 5th grade.<br>I'm very smart. I use,, millsberry,, etc.<br>Mibba/GSB: Tweenager<br>Millsberry: billie_joe_green_da<br>Nick: TonyJoe<br>Fav color: Black/Red<br>Genere: Gothic<br>Fav Book: Dogs Life:Autobiography of a Stray By: Ann M. Martin<br><br>Fav Video game: Kingdom Hearts&Kingdom Hearts II<br>Mood: Tired<br>Fav Name(s): Brillie/Sora/Roxas/Zate<br>Pet(s): 1, Dog, Shih Tzu, Gina, Black and White<br>Native Language: Sarcasm/English<br>Contact: Text me.<br>Best day of my life: 3/10/08<br>Worst day of my life: 2/16/08<br>Best subject: Math<br>Instrument I play: Alto Sax<br>Fav Song(s): Apologize-One Republic Ft. Timberland<br>Cupid's Choke hold-Gym Class heroes<br>Thnks Fr Th Mmrs-Fall Out Boy

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  1. I just came back and it's the 4th b-day of the site. What are the odds? 0.o lol
  2. I'm creating a website, it'll be a cross of a tamagotchi webstie and a website.... you may join if you like I'm not done but I have enough done so people may join! *removed* if you would like to join.... P.S. you can't see the forum until you are a member, you get a code you paste it in and then you can see the forum...thanks... -------------------------------- -I'm editing your post to let you know that advertising on TamaTalk is not allowed. Please put the link of your site in your signature, if you'd like to. Tama-Love
  3. ...bunch of paint the color......
  4. I wrote a note back saying: "No way, I'd rather be in football, but I can't join the team!!" Ari wrote back to me: "Why?" I scribbled: "l. there is only a boy's team 2. My mom dosen't want me to get hurt 3. the time is probly up" Ari looked at me and said "Ohhh!" Tara looked confused and said "Huh?" I looked at her and replied "Nothing.....nothing..."
  5. well, I only have two, what I did was show the parents status, what kid they were.....and then I posted about each of the's a v3 and one's a v4.........I'll post back tommorow with new info
  6. *Brrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg* "Tara, recess bell, we hit the books, now let's hit the ground!" I say laughing, everyone luaghing just as loud. We get out side, I grab the closetest soccer ball, and kick it hard as I can...and of course it ends up on the roof, witch is about 100 feet above me. Corissa runs over to me and says "What's happenin'?" We all chime together "Nothin' much." "Aw, man was that the the last ball?" Corissa and Tara say in horror. "Yup!" I say cheerfuly. "Holy *bleep*, that's the 15th ball you've kicked up there this year!" Corrissa says in disbeleif. "Thanks for keepin' track." I say winking to her.
  7. "So, what's this fresh scar from?" I say kind of scared. "I don't think you really want to know." she says in a tone she uses when she too afraid to tell. "Yeah, we probly don't!" Tara says franticly. "Your dad didn' know....agian, did he?" Mills said a little conserned. "Yeah, seriously did he?" Tara added. "Yeah, he raped me really bad, and um...kind cut my finger." she said making sure everyone else was earshot. "Hey, can I borrow one of your Green Day CDs? I don't have the new one.." I said trying to change the subject. "Sure, here ya go." she says handing it to me.
  8. ( I'd like everyone to know were making this up as this goes along, and I'd like you to know this story is about mwa, oh and this part I write at first is true, please try to write like your in the charaecter's, my shoes.) The Life of The Pre-teen Drag Hey, hey, I'm Katelynn B. Quario, but call me Kate kay? I hate being called Katelynn, unless it's by my family. Ok, let's get to the story! "Hiya, Mills!" I blurt out in a rush. "Hey, Kate." he says back to me in a calm, smooth tone. I was blurting it out becuase, I'd had a crush on this boy since the 2nd grade, and the last day of 4th grade was stressful as an added bonus. I was really sad becuas he was moving schools, and I hadn't told him how I felt. "I..I..I..can't belive this is the....last day of school." I said, trying to sound happy. He noticed I wasn't all to happy about it. "Look, Kate, we can still hang out..." he said trying to comfort me like the good guy friend he was. "Mills, how is that possible, you live two towns away!" I yelled trying not to. "Look, being bullied is the only reason I'm moving." he said dryly. "Whatever, don't think I'm going to fall for that *bleep*.." (Carry on)
  9. My v3 + v4 have had kids Here's some info: Mother: Kuchipatchi Job: None Name: AJ Age: 4 Weight: 99 Born: Sunday, 11, 11:38 AM, 07 Left child with: $90 Gen.: 1 ---------- Father: Tosakatchi Job: Collect ballons Name: BJ Age: 4 Weight: 97 Born: Sunday, 11, 11:38 AM, 07 Left child with: $15525 Gen.: 1 --------- Duaghter: Mohitamatchi Job: Pre-school Name: Lily Age: 0 Weight: 51 Born: Monday, 16, 7:43 AM, 07 Sibling: Sister Gen.: 2 --------- Duaghter: Mohitamatchi Job: Pre-school Name: Maggy Age: 0 Weight: 51 Born: Monday, 16, 7:43 AM, 07 Sibling: Sister Gen.: 2 --------- Pictures Kuchipatchi Tosakatchi Mohitamatchi (Don't delete this, I worked hard on it) (You may post if you prefer to.)
  10. My v3+v4 have had children Here's some info: Mother: Kuchipatchi Born: Sunday, 11, 11:34 AM, 07 Name: AJ Age: 4 Weight: 99 Training point(s): 3 Job: None Left child with $_: $90 Gen.: 1 Father: Tosakatchi Born:Sunday, 11, 11:34 AM, 07 Name: BJ Age: 4 Weight: 97 Job: Collect ballons Training point(s): 4 Left child with $_: $15525 Gen.: 1 Duaghter: Mohitamatchi Born: Monday, 17, 8:21 AM, 07 Name: Lily Age: 0 Weight: 51 Job: None Training point(s): 1 Gen.: 2 Duaghter: Mohitamatchi Born: Monday, 17, 8:21 AM, 07 Name: Maggy Age: 0 Weight: 51 Job: Pre-school Training point(s): 1 Gen.: 2 Tosakatchi Mohitamatchi Kuchipatchi
  11. Wow, Adimin you rock for creating this site! All the other tamagotchi fan sites (not from any of the members on TT) are a bunch of BS.
  12. V2 and a V3 can....and they both say partner (4 hearts)
  13. I was kinda hoping no one would have to say I have to reset it....
  14. Ok my V3 is madly in love with my V4 and viseversa, how do I get them to have a baby? they are both adults and it says partner.....