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  1. I voted TS9520. When I played Music City a while back, I mostly got between 40-5th place. I was TS2222. Anyone ever see me? '3'
  2. He has just informed me that the new place will NOT have Spot and Mocha.
  3. KI2156 has asked me to quote this: "Yes, I have the Spot and Mocha codes. No, I won't be sharing them. I am I a tester for an upcoming place? I cannot say. Am I lying? Most certainly not. Spot and Mocha were originally supposed to go on Music City, but for some reason, the toy didn't allow it. Have you ever noticed there are 38 characters total? Put Spot and Mocha in there, and Presto! You have a total of 40. They were meant to be a regular character with costumes, but when BanDai found out the toy wouldn't let them on, they didn't make costumes for them." Hope that helps you a bit!
  4. I've been hit in the head with a head! >_># *smacks with 42" TV*
  5. He's my friend on Tamacraze101. I can't wait to tell him everyone is freaking out!
  6. How do you know you're getting her tomorrow?
  7. If you music star's friendship level with the V5 was 4 =)s and not 4 =Ds then that's the case, because the V5 is ready to mate but the music star isn't.
  8. This has happened to me, and I can't fix it either, but until I get bandai's e-mail, use the awards TV in your room to see what rank you got, and you can still pick up your award.
  9. I think it makes sense that I like my Tamagotchi more than my Goldfish?
  10. If you debug a V5, you don't get to see the C click animation, because they replaced it with hyper speed on/off. That's all I can contribute that hasn't been said (or has it?) yet! Ω
  11. Techno Sound or whatever it's name is= Dazzilitchi (was chantotchi!) Sound Blast= Dreamitchi (was mametchi!)
  12. I practiced with my band one generation as teens 10 times and won them all, and got O O X. When I played the school game 15 times correctly one generation, I got a pro debut. It matters how much you bond with your band, as binary said somewhere on Tama-Zone.
  13. Even gener means an even generation number such as 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc... and Odd gener means an odd generation number such as 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, etc... =D
  14. It's all about luck... I've gotten girls for 5 gens straight on BOTH my music stars... couldn't stand it so I reset one.