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  1. Theres really to many things to count.Lol shame on me.
  2. Nice.You are my sunshine. I wanna swim away but don't know how Sometimes it feels just like I'm falling in the ocean Let the waves come take me down Let the hurricane set in motion
  3. It was Desolation Row and I have no idea He calls the manison not a house but a tomb Hes always choking from the stench and the fumes The wedding party all collapsed in the room So send my resignation(BLAH SP) to the bride and the groom Lets go down
  4. Blah I have no clue XD They're selling postcards of the hanging And they're painting the passports brown And te beauty palors(SP) filled with sailors The circus is in town
  5. Girl O_O at least I think lol jk
  6. Old country like Willie Nelson and people like that
  7. My favorite guitarist is Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance.Lol thats my favorite band.
  8. 1) It Ends Tonight-All American Rejects 2) The More I Drink-Blake Shelton 3) Twisted Transistor-Korn 4) Picture To Burn-Taylor Swift 5) Home-Blake Shelton 6) Songs About Me-Trace Adkins 7) Wild West Show-Big and Rich 8) Welcome To The Black Parade-My Chemical Romance 9) Teardrops On My Guitar-Taylor Swift 10) The In Crowd-Mitchel Musso
  9. I say confront her about it.Or if you don't wanna do that,just avoid her.You could end up in a bad position.
  10. I wrote this for my bestfriend when his girl left him. She was here for a short amount of time I should have told myself to draw that line But instead I fell behind She cared and I did too But I was too afraid to go through She tried and tried Time and time again But I was too afraid to admitt the same So I just pushed her away I told her to find someone else and she did It hurt morethan I thought But she was still here and she was still my friend Now shes gone And she has someone else and won't talk to me I sit alone and think I try and hide the pain Its my fault she is gone Its my fault shes in love with someone else I pushed her away Why am I so stupid? I can't think about her without crying I deleted her number Because I'll never need it again But I kept her picture I try to avoid it but sometimes it catches my eye And I have to try not to cry She said I was the one Now all I can think is why is she gone?
  11. Thats not even that good.I just get bored and write.I have a ton of poems.I'm pretty sure you could do way better.
  12. Lol me and my stalk people.But most of the time its cause we have had WAY too much coffee.Lol we are addicted to StarBucks.
  13. The sky turns black as you turn away You leave me wishing you would stay The tears fall slowly like rain Then all I feel is the pain Bu then somethings else comes along Somethings else new It feels so gentle Oh could it be true I open my eyes slowly and what do I see Your clear brown eyes staring back at me Then I realize its just a horrible dream
  14. Wow you are so great at this.I write a few poems,but they are really awful.Lol.
  15. My mom made me eat pepporoni.I liked it but I won't eat it again.I'm a veg head lol.
  16. Whats your name? Piper but I go by Nicole Do you like it? I don't like Piper but I like Nicole and what kind of toppings would you like on your pizza? Pepporoni
  17. I play the drums,guitar,piano,and sometimes I sing.
  18. My favorite band is definetly My Chemcial Romance
  19. I know its random but I'm just wondering.I did about 10 minutes ago.I thought it would taste like spearamint,but it didn't.It was NASTY!!!!
  20. America's Funniest Home Videos its hilarious
  21. I'm 5'8 and way 105 pounds.My mom said thats not good.I just don't like to eat lol.Way to time consuming.
  22. Lol yay.I used to be in band but the director got mad cause I started playing welcome to the black parade on my saxophone during concert practice.Lol.