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  1. Am I going to need special tools to do that? But doesn’t that also mean that I need to own the pierces in the first place in order to do that? I don’t own every pierce on the site, and even if I did, there’d be no point in my using the VDPs in the first place.
  2. Already did so - I've messaged him on Instagram, but to no response. I've messaged him before a couple of months ago regarding a different matter and he didn't reply to my message back then either, so I'm not hopeful that he will ever respond to my message this time, either
  3. I don't want them in English, but all of the VDPs on his site appear to be in English. Is there any way I can get the original Japanese versions of the VDPs?
  4. I've been working on a full English translation guide of all menus, options and dialogues of the colour tamas, and am starting with the M!x. It's still a work-in-progress, and I can do with some contributions in the form of screen pictures!
  5. Yes, apparently the reset bug on the Meets is a thing, as there have been other reports of it before.
  6. I live in Singapore (very close to Malaysia)
  7. I still can't find the words 'debug' anywhere. My tamagotchi is a v4. It says 'Tamagotchi Connection' on the shelf I bought it (and thats how we spell it) The one from Toy 'R' Us look different from the others. Instead of the words 'Tamagotchi Connection', it says 'Toy'R'Us. There are four tamagotchis on it (mametchi) and instead of a chain it is a row of beads that have the letters TMGC on each of them.
  8. I open my tamagortchi but there was no debug button in it. Could it be because I bought it from Toy 'R' Us?