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  1. my favorite connection v1 was the orange one with the like lollipop looking things coming off of the center screen, it was my first ever tama. i also love the wave design for v3 and the 'rising sun' for v4 as well as the white v5 familitchi with a little tamma homes and whatnot around it. ^.^
  2. i baught an aqua pet on clearance cause i thought it was cute, but all you do is play 2 games? it sings and dances but is there any actually taking care of the aquapet? can someone help me?! lol, thanks
  3. so im really looking into expanding my tamagotchi collection, i have pretty much all tamas from us since they came out in 2004(again), besides 4.5, i dont have that for some reason ive wanted to expand with different things but i am a pretty cheap person and i dont want to spend $50+ on the IDl, even though id love to have it. so what do collectors think is a good start? i was thinking maybe the tamagotchi school because i can find it inexpensive on ebay, but im not really sure. any opinions would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. poop! they should. cause that would be awesome
  5. wait, so are these coming out in america? i am confused. :|
  6. ohz really? maybe i missread somewhere, i thought it was the day after. well thankies
  7. my tama got married yesturday at age 6, now she's age 7 with the tama husband there but idk when the baby comes along. if anyone knows could you help me out? thanks!
  8. ohhh. haha, 6. i see. i thought it was 5 well thanks! ill be looking forward to it tomorrow!
  9. my tama is now 5 years old. she's a memetchi. where is the dating place? and how old do you have to be to go there? i thought you had to be 5 any help would be great! fanks
  10. i have not since, 2005 when i purchased two love pets found a single picture or, person who knew of them! i went to my local christmas tree shop in 2005 when i was about 11 years old, and i found these virtual pets that were only 4$ so ofcourse i baught them. i baught two, there were pink ones and blue ones. one for me and one for my best friend, within that same week i had my mother go out and buy two more for us this way we each had a pink and blue one, they had lanyards that came with them too. they were sooo much fun, probably one of the most fun i had ever played with, they had fun games and graphics were cool too. you could connect these with same infared connection as tamagotchis. they were like alliens there would be a space ship that would come buy and drop off your new pet for you. you could workout and have it take showers and whatnot. they also could get married and have a baby just like tamagotchis. overall a great virtual pet. i loved it so much, but mine doesnt work anymore and i seem to have misplaced the pink one of the years (or gotten rid of it cause i know it broke) but i havent found them anywere and nobody seems to know of them. do you know anyone, or yourself that has owned or known of the love pet? im just currious to see what other people thought of them. cause i thought they were awesome!
  11. oh i see, maybe im better off not with the id. ill probably get one some day but at the moment im working on getting a tamago thanks everyone
  12. oh i see, thats awesome. they are a lot of money, but i want one how much did you pay for your tamagotchi color?
  13. i don't believe the tamagotchi color ID is here in america, but i'd like to confirm that. also, if it isn't in america are there english versions that i could buy like on ebay? since i do not speak or read japanese >.< thanks!