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  1. paper*cut

    Funny Moments at School

    My friend puked on this guy during lunch because he was staring at him. prettyfunny.
  2. paper*cut

    I hate everything about school.

    Sure they can be sad, but middle school really isn't something to complain about considering it just gets harder after.
  3. paper*cut

    How do you talk / sound like in real life?

    idk what kind of accent I have, Eastern American I guesssss For some reason when I talk, I use z instead of s ;-; "zong" ""zolo" "zleep"
  4. paper*cut

    I hate everything about school.

    Then they should get over it because there are much worse things other than middle school.
  5. paper*cut

    Worst Gift Ever

    childrens bible.
  6. paper*cut

    I hate everything about school.

    You should be grateful that you actually have a free education unlike some parts of the world where women can't even go to school.
  7. Who would it be and why? we have to some an essay and that's the subject for it, and I'm wondering what everyone else thinks. You can bring him back, ask him one question and he will answer, and he dies again.
  8. paper*cut

    What's your favorite movie?

    Fight Club. I've been wanting to see Phantom of the Opera though.
  9. paper*cut


    1st Period: Earth Science Honors 2nd: Art 1 3rd: Algebra 4th: P.E Lunchhh 5th: World History 1900 College Prep 6th: Spanish 1 7th: English College Prep 9th gradeeee
  10. paper*cut

    Going with someone smarter than me..

    awwwww that's sweet
  11. paper*cut

    AArrgh! Help!

    You must overcome her in a duel to the death. I suggest training for forty days and forty nights in a barren landscape with no resources that will make it easier,and wild animals constantly trying to ea you for dinner. Once you have completed the task, you will be able to fight.
  12. paper*cut


    *jailbreak comment removed - discussion of anything illegal is breaking site rules* orr... Doodle Kart is pretty fun, so is Chop Chop Ninja
  13. paper*cut

    ...Birthday Issues

    Parakeets are mean
  14. paper*cut

    ...Birthday Issues