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  1. I adore the GB Micro. It's a big shame it kinda floundered because it's my favorite way to play GBA games.
  2. Really want a devilgotchi but the prices are way higher than I feel comfortable buying
  3. I think the randomness of the V4 line compared to the Entama and Uratama is my least favorite thing between the two regional versions
  4. It's fairly random which family the Toddler will evolve in to but if it's anything like on the V4 the Meme family seems to have the most amount of chances of appearing.
  5. I've got quite a few from collecting for years. Nothing too crazy like having boxes full but I've got enough. (I've got at least 3 😉 ) Hopefully you'll be able to get a new battery in your tamagotchi soon!
  6. The fact that it's present in the Japanese models seems to hint towards it being intentional rather than a localization oversight. Very peculiar.
  7. It's not quite a Tamagotchi fake or not. It's one of these here https://www.tamatalk.com/pixelmood/micalun.htm sadly I can't find much else about them except this page.
  8. oh interesting. assuming the prices don't immediately go to insane heights i might try to scoop one up
  9. The apks don't work for some reason. I was only able to get it to work after downloading it from my download list on the app store and even then the Angel app was just so out of date it doesn't work on Android 10
  10. This is such a weird follow-up that I never would have expected to make but it's working suddenly and I have no idea why. After basically giving up on it last night I blew into the battery tab slot and it made the screen slightly more visible but still not usable. Eventually though the condensation from my breath broke the contact between the battery and the pet and it would not recognize batteries anymore. At that point I completely wrote it off for the night. This morning however I got curious and put a battery in and suddenly it works fine. Anyone know what the hell happened with that?
  11. Just recently got a Keitai tamagotchi in the mail and while the shell and tag are in super nice condition the screen is too faded to even make out. I opened it up cleaned the board with alcohol and it seems to have only gotten worse. Is there anything I can do to save it short of moving an entirely different set of innards over to it? (It's one of the white with black buttons ones that has the P1 background and I'd really hate to just chuck it when the shell is in such nice condition)