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  1. She was able to get a job today! Not sure what exactly it was because I couldn't read it but she seemed happy to get it and that's all that matters! Might have to cut my logging short once everyone else has finished because I know she's still got another 2-3 days left before she's able to marry.
  2. I probably won't be running another En/UraTama for a hatch again since their life cycles are so expanded without much to log about for the most part lol. She hasn't even been able to get her job yet which she might later today and I'll update when that happens. On the plus side she has been super easy to care for over the past week which is awesome.
  3. Sorry for the no update yesterday nothing really happened. She evolved this morning into the adult I wanted. She's so cute I love her.
  4. Super uneventful today nothing really happened at all. As you can see I have been super neglecting all but one stat.
  5. I totally forgot to grab pictures while she was awake but she evolved into Zouritchi this morning. I neglected her a tiny bit while I was working but she pulled through and I was able to keep her going. Might have to get one of those Butler things to care for her tomorrow though.
  6. Not much of an update today. She played with her teacher a couple times bought a snack item that I can't identify from the shopman and went to sleep. I'm expecting her to evolve in the morning when she wakes up.
  7. Doing a second update for the day so that I can get most of my future updates around the same time. Played enough of the 3rd game so that her 3rd stat (not sure what exactly it's called on the UraTama) is now 110. The idea of a tamagotchi without arms karate chopping planks with a human hand was so humorous to me I had to draw this Anyway that's all for today see you all tomorrow!
  8. Started my Uratama up last night before I went to sleep. Got a girl in the Name family who I named ❤️⭐❤️(to more easily see her name on pages) going to try and get an Ura Zukyutchi from her which is a character I've never gotten before. Here's her and her stats as of this morning after getting her first visit from her teacher. Really like the games in this one more than most other models because they're a bit more unique (and easy to get through fast) than the others I've used recently.
  9. It's taking every bit of effort to keep me from starting my Uratama before the group hatch starts.

    1. Hapihapitchi


      OMG, me too! Except with my v2. I keep looking at it and I'm like "just you wait.."

      Something about a group hatch just gets me so hype and excited lol

  10. Yeah I know about those, it's why I'm not particularly worried about a lack of skill points from games and I'm honestly probably just spoiled from the V4 giving up to 10 points from games sometimes
  11. Does anyone know if the Entama has a sort of soft skill point cap for the certain stages of growth? My child character has gotten around 30~ points in a certain category but now it seems like the amount of points shes getting from the games has dropped to like 1-3 no matter how well I do in the games.
  12. My collection (it's currently missing a couple V4s, V3s, and my Osu and Mesu
  13. A few of my older connections have screens like that. I think it just might be the aging process for the screens. It seems like the screen works it's just darker than usual from the picture unless theres something else wrong with it not showing up
  14. I will try to run either an Entama or an Uratama. Both of them are new to me so it won't exactly be a favorite, but it'll be interesting to log the growth of a Tamagotchi brand new to me.