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    I like art, photography, makeup, tight clothes, tea and sandwiches :]<br><br>My favourite mangas are Death Note, Ghost Hunt and Priest.

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  1. Zach told me I looked like Violet from the Incredibles. I was offended. (He really does look like the Mole from 'Thumbelina', seriously) There's also his guy in my year who reminds me of Eminem.
  2. Well in my class there's this guy called Micheal, and he's well...kind of a nerd? Anyway. Hannah was chasing me (as she does...) as I ran past him. He gives me an odd look. Then she runs past him yelling 'it's rape time' and he gives her the dirtiest look imaginable. This of course makes me laugh, and I run straight into a door. Please don't ask why she was chasing me in the first place. We're so childish (: Then there were these year 9 children that kept saying they were the 'emo hunters' and were going to kill us or something like that. One of them was making some sort of weird noise and hiding behind a wall. I found this hilarious.
  3. Addictions: Mints. Seriously, I've been eating them non stop all day today. Which can't be healthy. Costa Coffee...everything they sell is addicting. The internet. I need help. The Sims 2...first day I got it I played on it for 24 hours straight. Then realised what the time was and slept a lot. Tea. Tea is great. Obsessions: Pot plants. I have many of them everywhere, some of them have grown huge and engulfed everything within a metre radius. I suppose drawing would count. Batman...
  4. Rayy

    The dark knight

    That film was awesome. Especially the Joker. I want one of those clown masks.
  5. I love sunglasses, even though I never go outside if it's sunny. I have huge white sunglasses, normal ones and uhh, very dark ones.
  6. I love manga ;__; My favourite is Priest <33 Death Note is awesome too.
  7. My teeth are white I have to brush them like, five times a day because I eat a lot, lol. -has braces-
  8. Black shirt Red tie bright green belt Red skinny jeans Multicoloured socks
  9. I forgot milkshake. Banana milkshake tastes cute o_o
  10. I have, um, weird hair (: It's fluffy 8) It's really short at the back and I have a massive fringe And kinda...blue? ish now because I need to get rid of the dye so I can bleach it. As for style...I use a lot of hair gel. A lot.
  11. pot plants robots the monster in cloverfield miffy and cakes (:
  12. Zombie Loan...because it's the only one I've watched (apart from Naruto, but I got bored of that) I need to watch the end though c: I prefer manga? I used to watch pokemon and card captor sakura when I was little (:
  13. I have no idea if I've posted on this before but hey. • Priest <3 • Death Note • Sgt Frog • Ghost Hunt • Bleach • I have one vol of D.N.Angel but I didn't like it c: • And one vol of Arm Of Kanon but it was weird...naked dead people? o_o I want to read D. Gray Man but they only have vol 2 in the shops >.<