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    I love anime my favs are Black cat, Naruto, Bleach, Eureka seven and Air gear

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  1. Probably Sailor Moon, then Pokemon then Yugioh then NARUTO!!! (<<<--- My current love xD) But I didn't even know that anime existed until I looked naruto up on the internet and found all this stuff about, manga and anime and all that... then... (*coughYAOIcough*) xD
  2. Real Life: Elmo (Everyone calls me that, it's like my name now xD) Jess (My besties call me this, along with elmo) Red (Ima red head) Rang (Short for Ranga xD) Internet: Kyu-chan Theskyscloud Demlifes Jess-chan and Elmo xD
  3. Watching TV. Waiting for my download to finish. On TT. Youtube. Iscribble. Deviantart. Texting. MSN. xD Phew!
  4. 3/10 I REALLY dont like them xD Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
  5. I've got a Telstra ZTE, Best phone I've had so far! All my friends had phones like mine before me and by the time I got mine everyone hated theirs. They mistreated their phones and crap and they started playing up and like being stupid so they all went and got new phones which was VERY retarted xD I've liked dropped my phone on the road and dropped it in water and everything and it's still working great ;D lol My phone is teal with a camera, 1c text, 25c calling, video camera, tflash card, internet and foxtel. ^^
  6. Extremely well said. I do see the sense in moving forward. If it's your friends brithday you should celebrate, but at least have a little consideration for the people that died and their familys. Even if it was in the past. WWI & WWII are still remember this day, and we have ANZAC day in Australia. All of which remember people that died. When a life is lost people should be sorrowful for the lose, I guess you could call it human nature. It's just a little bit sad that people don't care whatsover about something so shaking and slightly disturbing.
  7. It brings me to tears everytime I see the videos on Youtube or something, it was a terrifying and sorrowful event. Where ever you come from, you should've been affected at least slightly by the horrible tradgey of 9/11. *post edited* I think SQR got the hint that noone agrees with her saucy remarks. Let's move on now and only refer to the event in question please. Thanks - TigerLily013
  8. Yes I do, I write SasuNaru yaoi... -coughlemonscough- Lol. www.fanfiction.net/~theskyscloud My account, try not to red my fanfics if you dont like SasuNaru, yaoi, depression, OOC-ness and lemons >=D
  9. You do realise that the real name for that song is actually 'Bolavard of broken dreams' right? xD
  10. hmmmm... my school uniform? xD yeah it sucks i no
  11. i think its a nut because fruits have seeds... Wait maybe its like a seed =D
  12. They are so mad, I love 'kill the rock' and 'shut me up' so cool =3
  13. The chorus of 'Never to late' by 'Three days grace' is my message tone and the chorus of 'Wow! I can get sexual too.' by 'Say Anything' is my ringtone x3
  14. I was just wondering if you guys had a song that you will never forget? Like its just something you hum randomly and no matter what you will know those words. Lol Mine would so be 'How to save a life' by 'The Fray' I plan to sing that song to my children >=D Its not my favourite song but its just like always in my head xD